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September 02, 2008


I agree with your and Alayne's decision. Best wishes to Goldie for another 6-7 years of good health!

I totally agree with the decision that you & Alayne made for Goldie's treatment. I trust that she will come through with flying colours & live a very long, happy & healthy life!
Big hugs to brave Goldie,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Bless her heart! 17 sounds like a good number to me too! Best wishes to you - you go girl!

We're going to put our Wills together for a wonderful 17 years of life with Goldie.

We hope she reacts well to her 8 rounds of chemo and keeps her happy spirit up through it all.

She'll be well thereafter! : )

beagles are tough. Goldie will fight through her treatment. She will be sure to tell you that extra snacks are an important part of post-chemo care.

I would have done exactly as you have. Seems to me like the best shot at beating the cancer without having dear Goldie suffer any additional discomfort. Sunshine yellow thoughts that the chemo does the trick and you have many more years together!

Thanks for the update, Steve!

In the top picture, Goldie has such a sweet, trusting expression in her eyes... She knows she's in very good hands.:-)

Please give her a HUGE hug for me, will you?

Best wishes, Goldie, and get well soon! Good call, Alayne & Steve!

Oh boy! The choice that you all made sounds very good & promising. Especially since you were reassured she won't be sick. I agree 100% that you made the right decision. That first picture shows what a sweet, sweet face she has. She is such a darling girl! The theme was sunshine yellow for her future to be bright & happy. Live long, Sweet Goldie. On to 17 or more!!!!

Goldie we wish you a pot of Gold at the end of the Chemo. It was very sad to think of Birdie's untimely death. GET WELL GOLDIE!!

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