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September 29, 2008


Heated igloos! You guys think of everything! In sympathy to your dropping DOW our TSE took a nosedive yesterday as well - 800 points! An estimated 100-billion loss in market value...good times...

Maybe if I ask nicely, Austin will let me join him in there :)

Austin you look great!!! It was so nice to meet you and looking at your picture I can feel you in my arms like a couple of weeks ago.
say hi and give a kiss to dusty and trooper for me.

Well, like I said before, I sure do hope if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I come back as a dog with a disability who lives at Rolling Dog Ranch. What blessed souls all your animals are for having you two to provide such a wonderful life. In turn, they teach us all what courage and forgiveness can get you.

HA - thanks for the laugh - Austin looks like he could hear almost anything and still enjoy the pleasure of his snuggly nap place. As for me, my cat is fussing at me to go watch her eat - she insists I pet her while she eats - so we know they value what we have to say!

So darn cute--don't worry Austin you'll have time for the market to recover!!!

Oh, I bet that is comfy cozy! He looks so relaxed. Makes me want to crawl in there with him. Great thing about being a pampered, furry member of the family, no worries!!

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