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August 25, 2008



Just found out about your work via Barbara (Frankie, the "Walk and Roll" Dog).

We really enjoyed reading about "Squish Me." ;-)

Keep up the good work. You guys are great!

-Cheri and JackieLouTheDoxie

I must admit I'm partial to this story of Stoney and Baron. Not only are they wonderful, loving dogs, the two girls doing all the loving and squishing are mine. Baron and Stoney are really special. The girls absolutely love them and it was like pulling teeth to try to get them to leave Aunt Wendy's and the pups. Those two pups are going to have wonderful lives with lots and lots of love.

I'm glad someone appreciates Stoney's red bandanna as much as I do! It looks great on her (when it's clean!). The dogs were AMAZING with the girls, everyone had so much fun. I feel so lucky to have dogs like this in my life. They really do make every day worth it!

Thanks for the update on Stoney and Baron. These two look sooo happy and content to be loved and cuddled!!!!

I just love Baron's little pink "snout". :-) And the red bandana looks terrific on Stoney. Lovely to see both dogs again and witnessing what a happy life they are leading. Thanks for sharing, Wendy!

A child & a dog know how much fun it is to be squished & cuddled. I'm sure that Baron & Stoney will miss the girls when they leave, but fortunately they have Wendy to pick up the slack & do her own squishing & cuddling. I'm so thankful that Wendy keeps us updated on these 2 wonderful guys!

Baron and Stoney definitely hit the jackpot with Wendy and her extended family! I just love these updates... keep 'em coming!

Thank you so much, Steve, for sharing these sweet photos with all of us.

Erma Bombeck was quite right: "Every puppy should have a boy" (or two girls, as in the happy case of Baron & Stoney:-))...

This is such a wonderful success story. SO true! "If a dog is snappish, or not good with children, it's because of his or her personality, not because of a disability."

If only people would realize that all dogs are not "one size fits all" we would have so much less work to do through the shelters...

This has got to be one of my favorite posts to date. The picture of children and dogs is just pure joy. The fact they are disabled dogs and the myth surrounding them was an excellent point to bring up. I could really relate to what you said you observe with disabled animals is that they are unusually easy going and go with the flow.
My Frankie who is in a dog cart is a perfect example of that. I tell people I really feel like her life is BETTER and that she has a purpose now that she shares her story with school children. She seems to really enjoy it. People often remark how good and laid back she is.
I have no doubt what-so-ever, whether disabled or not, animals really teach us compassion and unconditional love... we just must keep our minds and hearts open to that.
This post is an excellent in showing how great animals really are and what they teach us. Bravo!!

Just proof positive with these pictures!! Levi is the same way. just loves meeting new people!! Can't wait for him to meet my nephews. Looks like they are just as happy and content as can be.

What a picture of about a fairy tale ending! I can't tell who is happier, the dogs or the child...beautiful.

I can't even express what job these pictures of Stoney and Barron bring to my soul!!

Missed the blog, critter news, and your humor, but am glad you took a break. Even gladder you're back! Baron and Stoney look totally at home being a squish toy and a pillow. Thanks for giving them a chance to find such a happy family.
You guys are the greatest!

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