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August 14, 2008


I hope you enjoy your blog vacation.

I read your blog first thing on the computer in AM...It's the greatest way to start my day!

Even when the news is sad, it is so wonderful to know the animals with you had loving care all the way.

Thanks for all you do!

A guest blogger, what a great idea! Steve gets a break, and we still get our fix. How about it, Steve? I have a great candidate (or candidates): Drs Britt & Brenda Culver or Dr Erin! How interesting would it be to hear from the perspective of the gifted vets who care so well for these very special animals!

Just a thought.... :-)

Our beagle Bailey does the same sort of thing, when we're eating a meal. She has yet to actually grab something off the table, when she so innocently sniffs ("Got anything good?), but she does check it out. Cute. Truly cute. It's really hard to tell her she's being a bad girl, so we usually just tell her to go away. Which she doesn't do.

Here is an idea: put healthy food on the table that would be within her reach.
Of course, stealing from the "masters" table is unacceptable. I believe that should be discouraged no matter how cute it is. At her short beagle heights she could fall back and hurt her back Our dog Frieda, who is taller, got the butter off of the counter before. Not good. Gastro problems could occur.
Frieda has found that she loves raw carrots. As far as I know, carrots are not toxic or dangerous for dogs. I have never looked it up. I give her those small already peeled baby carrots when I am munching on them. Not the teeny ones. Some dogs could possibly choke on them I guess.
Widget is a cutie. It is obvious why you love her so much. She is a lucky house dog. I can imagine how easily it is to laugh at her antics.
Best wishes, Evelyn and Rin Tin Frieda

Now what are us addicts going to do without our RDR fix??? A whole week with no funnies??? You might as well commit us to the nearest padded cells!! Have a great week off (it is well deserved & probably much needed I know) but hurry back!

Wonderful Widget!
Enjoy you much deserved week! I will be reading old posts until you return!

Dear Steve & Alayne, please enjoy your well-deserved blog vacation! Widget's food theft proves, for me, my observation that the blind animals are the most daring, adventurous and crafty ones. As a matter of fact, Herbie's latest escape trick is proof, too.

Wdget does look great. The last time I was there I almost doidn't recognize her!! Good to hear Goldie is during good!

What ever are you going to do with yourself in the evenings?? HA!! Even though I volunteer twice a month, I still read the blog every morning! What ever are we all going to do without our morning or evening fix?? Have a good week off and see you on the 6th!

I'm sure this is a no-no but really, I hope you let her have the corn or some corn. I mean cleverness deserves a reward, just don't set the plate at the edge next time. Someone gave me a plate of fudge once and I put it in the middle of my big round coffee table. My dog who never jumped on anything without an invitation and NEVER got on the coffee table waited until I left, got on the table, managed to make a nice neat hole in the Saran Wrap covering the plate without disturbing the edges at all, and eat the entire plate of fudge! The plate hadn't been moved an inch. Clever, delicate work I must say. I offered him dinner but he just burped and went back to sleep.

HA! Thanks for the MMLOL post (made me laugh out loud) and please enjoy your MNADV (much needed and deserved vacation)!. We will miss these hilarious posts. :<)

So wait one minute. How often are these "blog vacations"? What am I suppose to do every morning after I turn on my computer? Good grief, I think I'm an addict too!
Can't wait for your return. Until then, take notes so you can tell us everything that happens next week !!!
Enjoy your extra time.

Yes, that is certainly a face that is hard to resist. I think it's hilarious the capers they can pull off right under our noses & to think he did this between his two sighted parents. Darn corn for being heavy & making a noise when it hit the floor! I am so glad to hear a positive report for Goldie after surgery. I hope you have a wonderful week off & I look forward to new blogs when you return!

my goodness, Widget - you're half the dog you used to be, hahah! but this time double the antics - and there's the tradeoff, how ever you look at it. enjoy your summer break ~

A whole week, Steve??? Can't you get a guest blogger???'s gonna be a long week for us RDR addicts!! Enjoy!

Sure will miss the daily blog. What a cutie that Widget is. You deserve the week off so have a good one.

You know, these stories are always so funny, but it takes a few moments after reading this to realize - hey, wait a minute, this dog is BLIND! Which then makes the story truly amazing. Yes, I know, bad Widgie-girl, but geez, a blind dog got an ear of corn off the table under the noses (and sighted eyes) of her sighted human-parents! How cool is that!

We once made the mistake of leaving a plate of scones unattended in the middle of our dining room table. Returning about 5 minutes later, 10 scones were missing and the plate -- unmoved from it's original position -- was clean. This heist was pulled off by our blind basset hound and his very long tongue!

Will miss your blog,I think we are all addicted.I check your blog first thing each morning.. Sometimes it's a cry, others a laugh.. Never the less have to read it. Have a good blog vacation and enjoy your week. Hurry back..

Enjoy your 'blogfree' vacation! It's much deserved.. even though I'll be jittery all week without my RDR fix! You're blogs are the highlights of my day! ;)

Widget you look so slender!! Steve, you make me laugh which is a good thing at the end of the day. I'll have to go through major withdrawal for an entire week without RDR blog!!! Enjoy your much deserve blog break!

My goodness! Widge is positively slender!!! She looks great ;O)

Great story on Widget!

One of my favorite things to do each night is read the RDR blog. Oh what will I do for an entire week without a daily blog???

Have a wonderful "blog-free" week!

I check your blog everyday! This is going to be tough. But enjoy your break!! YOUDESERVEIT!!!

Widget, you are such a sneak! This blog on Widget reminds me of a friend whose small dog kept gaining weight, altho they weren't increasing her food. I visited them & saw her eating the corn they put out for the squirrels everyday, when I looked out their kitchen window, while the dog was outside. She was a "corn fed" dog! We had a lot of laughs over that & I'd forgotten about that until I read this post.
I'm so glad that Goldie is recovering nicely!
Have a nice blog vacation, Steve. It's much deserved, but you & the RDR news will be missed.
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Never underestimate the beagles!!! Our beagle, Copper, happened to steal some pepperoni off of a frozen pizza that was sitting on the counter & we did not notice it until the pizza was being sliced.

Another great story!! I will miss your blog posts - I've become a daily fan. Have a good time and a wonderful week.

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