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August 11, 2008


My kitten with no eyes doesn't get along with another cat so we stacked baby gates almost to the ceiling and hooked a bell on the gates in case the sighted cat decided to go vertical. One minute later we hear the bell, go running and there is the blind kitten 4 inches off the ground on the wrong side! The funny part was that the sighted cats were staring at her like WTF!

Oh, this is too funny! Perhaps the kitties will enlist the dogs to dig out the bigger rocks for them?

Steve, you should have called this post "The Great Escape"! :-)

HA! - Thanks for the laughs :<) -- how about an alternative title --"Cats lead a Wild Goose Chase" - it has the same rhythm. I am SO glad to hear Spinner is doing well!!

I think they are trying to tell you, you need to extend their enclosure so they can get some morning sun! As for Herbie...he wants something taller!! HA.

Those "disabled" critters manage to keep all of you on your toes, don't they???? LOL, wonderful and inspiring story....where there's a will, there's a way!

Okay, so tell me again, how is it that these animals are "disabled?" BW: It's also known as "quality control testing!"

Those cats are really keeping you on your toes! It's amazing how they can find ways out!
I'm so glad that Spinner is doing much better & has been seizure free recently. That's great news!
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Steve, I quite agree on the fact that "a three-legged cat who doesn't want to be caught is just as fast as a four-legged cat who doesn't want to be caught"!:-))

Thanks for the update on Spinner (so glad she hasn't had any more seizures so far!) and give a big hug to your "escape artists" for me.:-)

Oh, also, so very glad to hear the postive report about Spinner.

That is hilarious & what a great story. Cats are cats & true to their heritage blind or disabled they will always, or will always try, to get what they want. I know for a fact that Herbie was complaining to you. How dare you have a place that he likes to climb up to that wobbles under his feet? I know you know by now that you are there only for their convenience, to feed, to love & be their human slave. I have always said, I only live in this house & earn the money. Erin & many cats before him actually run or have run this house. But, for all their demands they bring nothing but joy to our lives!

oops...I can't believe they haven't been adopted--they are so cute!

Only because everybody is safe--this is hilarious!

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