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August 13, 2008


so sorry about all your animals passing to dog heaven recently i too have lost three and dealing with one right now for growths and wobbling legs ,that,s the part that sucks is when they get old and we don,t want to say goodbye,i hurt for my animals more then i do for humans.....bless you and goldie

Oh, I do hope the vet has good news for you, on the biopsy.

Of course, we won't hear about it right away...but you deserve a blogging break, so enjoy!

I will keep Goldie in my thoughts!

Oh my... all you have endured and now your lovely Goldie. As always, my heart is with you both. I know the waiting game well as my chocolate lab had a biopsy too years ago. The waiting is the toughest, then once you know, you take it from there and do what you can if need be. If only there were an easier way. You will perservere as you always do and the love and joy from your animals will see you through.

Livestrong Goldie! You are so fortunate that "your people" noticed the tumor at an early stage. We're thinking very positive thoughts for you all.

Well my fingers will stay crossed too - until I hear the news about how little Goldie is doing - and what a precious picture of the sweet duo decorating the front seat of the truck!

Oh, Steve & Alayne how much you have endured this year. I love that picture of Goldie & Alayne. I'm so glad she came through the surgery so well. I will pray for a safe recovery & for good news next week. God bless you both & all the four-legged family members.

Good luck Goldie! I have a feeling she's going to around for a good while yet, she's too happy with Alayne to want to leave. My thoughts are with you both, hang in there!

I wish you a speedy recovery, little Goldie.

For all the other creatures that have left you this year:

"And can it be that in a world so full and busy, the loss of one weak creature makes a void in any heart, so wide and deep that nothing but the width and depth of eternity can fill it up!" Charles Dickens

Great photo of Alayne and Goldie.

We'll keep Goldie in our thoughts and prayers as she recovers from surgery and hope the lab results come back with good news.

Hoping and praying for the best! I really has been a tough year for you guys....hang in there!

Dear Alayne & Steve, my fingers, needless to say, are crossed, too! I'm sending positive thoughts your way and pray that Goldie won't need chemotherapy and live many more happy years with you at the ranch.

Goldie you are a Gold Medalist in our book!! I feel so bad I don't remember the blog that Shiloh died. I was holding my breath on Shiloh. I'm so sorry! Keep strong Goldie. Steve and Alayne remember to breath!!!

My heartfelt wishes for all the best go out to Goldie, and to Steve and Alayne, too.

How can a blind dog have a look of such abject love and adoration in those sweet eyes? And Alayne's brave smile would make one think they're headed off for a little hope is that will be the end result.......a picnic with her humans to celebrate good news !!

You are in my prayers, Goldie. Get well quick. Steve & Alayne have had enough bad stuff this year. God Bless You at RDR.

I will cross my fingers too. You have been through so much this year! I didn't realize that Shiloh has passed away. My heart goes out to you and Alayne.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Alayne and Goldie. You have been through so much this year! I didn't realize that Shiloh has passed away too. The sadness can be so overwhelming. Thank you for all you do for the animals.

What a great pic of Alayne & her top minion, Goldie! I am sending all positive thoughts to Goldie that she has a successful recovery from her surgery & that the news from the lab will be the best possible.
Special healing hugs for Goldie,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Fingers crossed and prayers for Goldie from St. Louis! She sure is loved! I remember your story of how you became her guardians - she is one lucky girl and I sure hope that luck continues. Best wishes Goldie!

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