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August 12, 2008


I'll cast my vote, too, for Bunny as a true beauty! Our cat's (Kat) get-ready-to-melt mode is to roll half over on his back, exposing his belly--much like Bunny in the last photo--and gazing up with soft eyes while muttering a soft, trebling mew. That soft fur on his belly is not to be ignored.

Of course, sometimes, he just lays like that for his own enjoyment; touch him, and you may get lightly clawed.

she's amazing!!! So beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing her with us!! LOVE!!!

What a cutie pie! You are right when you wrote that Bunny is a beauty. Bummer for Alayne not being able to enjoy all of the loving a snuggly kitty brings. You will just have to give her double the snuggles.

I hope to meet Bunny at the Ranch!! She's sure beautiful!

Gorgeous Bunny looks like a real sweetheart!
I see so much love and human interest in her eyes...I'm melting under her spell too!
I bet she'd love to snuggle up with you at night, Steve; maybe you could spend a periodic evening or nap in the cat house to get some special Bun attention. ; )
Sleeping with cats is the BEST!

What an angel face! If you weren't so darn far away, I'd steal this girl right away from you!! Love at first sight, for sure.

Leo would love to meet Bunny/Buns: what a pretty, sweet-looking girl! In the bottom picture, she does look relaxed and content, doesn't she?

Way to go, Bunny!

Thank you, Steve, for highlighting her!! (is that a word?) I hope our soon-to-be three legged kitten will grow up to be as content as he is beautiful...right now he is doing the curtain-wallpaper-legclimbing thing, hahaha.

A big thank you, Steve, for introducing us to Bunny. She's an absolute darling! What a pity Alayne can't enjoy Bunny's loving attention,too.

My husband fell in love with Bunny during our visit in June. What a beautiful girl.

It would appear that Bunny has some Maine Coon bloodlines. Two of mine could be her distant cousins--they have the same coloring!

Oh, Bunny is a beauty. She has definitely won you over. I just adore cats. I wish she could sit with you too. I have a baby blanket on my desk for Erin & he is very content to just sit & watch me type and/or chase the cursor. But, many times when he is tired of me not paying attention he will just come & sit in front of the screen. Try reasoning with a 17lb cat that you need to see the screen. I feel sorry for people that are allergic to cats. They don't get to have the wonderful interaction we non-allergic folks get to have. But, Alayne is blessed w/ so many other wonderful animals there that make up for it.

Bunny is precious!! What a darling!

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