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July 01, 2008


This is really funny! Ain't it just like a dachshund to do something like this? They sure are characters!

I think Callie heard somewhere that drinking plenty of H2O is a healthy way to manage a girlish figure!

I think the water must have tasted better because she was in it! That's too cute! "Finally, a water bowl I can get into!" Thanks for the big smile you just gave me.
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

too funny you go girl

Bada-bing bada boom! Very funny! Do you think Dog Lapping could be in the Olympics this summer?

Callie is getting ready for the Olympics. See how many laps see can do. Pool water is so much better than drinking water from a bowl. We have an in ground pool and all the pups get on the steps and drink like they've never had water before, when they always hace fresh water inside and out and in the summer they get crushed ice in the outside bowl. Yep they are spoiled.

She is one "cool" doggie!

Oh, CALLIE !!!! You are such a lovely lapper !!!!! You lap almost as well as you wag when being told you must go out for a last wee wee, you little wagger, you !!!!!!!!! :)

Well, she heard that doing laps in the pool would help her lose some plumpness!

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