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July 07, 2008


Amazing what a little love can do, isn't it?

Yay for Stony and her wonderful owner!

Stoney is a real GEM!! Lucky Wendy and lucky Stoney! Just love the update! Stoney makes my heart melt.

Stoney is such a cautious dog.. except when it comes to water! She is very brave!! I think she would swim if given the chance, I'm going to take her to a deeper pool this weekend. Baron wants nothing to do with water (must be the short legs) and prefers to snort bugs in the bushes.

What wonderful photos....what a happy dog!

What a happy dog! She is actually smiling & looks beautiful. Thank you Wendy for giving Stoney such a happy, safe & comforting life. Thank you Steve for posting these pics & for the home you provided before Wendy.

Wonderful happy pictures!! How did she find out about this creek in the first place, just follow her nose and TRY if she could touch bottom? I've only had an old blind doggie and she did not do such daring tricks, thank you very much ;-), just play the princess on her sofa.

Tnx Wendy for sending the photos and Steve for posting them! As with the beautiful picture of Creighton and his lookalike buddy, it warms my heart to see how happy they have ended up!

The last picture says it all....Stoney is one happy girl!!

I'm elated to see her smiling and enjoying her new family.

Thanks for posting this Steve; it put a happiness within me that will last all day (and beyond, I hope!)

What a beautiful creek & beautiful dog!!!!!!!Thanks Wendy for sharing that with us!!!!!!!!!

Stoney looks so happy. Just goes to show you how well the dogs adjust in new surroundings. God bless you Wendy for loving Stoney and Baron.

I love happy endings!! How about an updated photo of Baron!!

You can lead a dog to water but you can not stop Stoneys drink.

I am surprized at the confidence she shows, I have to ask then, if the water is deep enough does she still like to swim?

Stoney looks so carefree and pretty among the pink flowers! She does live in a beautiful place, doesn't she?

Way to go, sweetheart!

So happy to see that smiling face in the creek - it truly warms my heart. Must say I'm a little jealous (cutie pie Baron is still my wallpaper), but I'm ecstatic that both Baron & Stoney have a forever home with Wendy - many happy trails to the three of them.
Enjoy the summer weather you're having after all that snow - it's our turn now: no snow, but lots of frost and icy winds.

Wow....looks like Stoney is living in dog heaven with Wendy!! What a great match! Thanks for sharing a glimpse of Stoney's new life.

Could Heaven be any better than this, Stoney? I don't think so !!! Bless you and your new parents !!!!!!!!!!!

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