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July 28, 2008


A coworker made a donation to your ranch in lieu of office gifts this year. We were all thrilled since we have pets we love. Bless you for your work.

I love your photos and learning about these pets. So sorry for your recent losses. We lost a lab to hip dysplasia. He had surgery but was in constant pain. He was only two. Very sad.

I'm glad that the beagle brigade came to the rescue to give you some light after the devastating loss of Birdie and Laddie. It always seems as if our animals know we need to see some happiness when times are dark. Know that there are lots of people in the world that share your sorrow even though we've never physically met the animals at RDR.

I see Noodles there in the background, how are she and Soba doing? Are the wheelchairs helping still?

Such hilarious antics...can't help but chuckle and smile at the dogs!!

I am soooo sorry for your losses, it seems that you are having more than your share of loss, thank God you have more than your share of great heart is with you as always, love you guys and think of you in every prayer..Jo

Isn't it wonderful how our animal friends can make us smile in times of sadness. It doesn't stop the hurt but it sure lightens the load for awhile.
Those of us who share our lives with animals all eventually experience the incredible sadness of their loss, much as we do the loss of our human family members and friends. For those of you at Rolling Dog those losses come much more often due to the number of animals under your care and their fragile health. And then there is the unexpected accidents and deaths. That does not seem fair. My heart goes out to you all during your time of grief and loss. What lucky animals they were, and others are to have you as their family. I am in awe of you. Evelyn-Tacoma

It's obvious what is going on. There is a power struggle in the RDR ruling Beagle Politburo. Austin is only an Assistant Beagle Commissar but has his sights set on bigger things. Thus he must have a test of strength with Deputy Beagle Commissar Briggs. It is simply the way the Beagle Nomenklutura handle things. Power To The Beagles!!!!

hahaha, I completely know what you mean about "regrouping"! Sometimes you've just got to call a time-out to figure out where everything is. So cute!

Animals are great healers.
Thanks for the ball antics Briggs; you helped make the day brighter for all!

Alas, the toughest part-the "new normal". Every day will hurt a little less. Wishing the hurt away from Kentucky-Carolyn Kupferschmid

Isn't it amazing how our animals can sense when we need cheering up? They too feel the loss of Birdie & these sweet angels just knew they had to do something to bring a smile to everyone this morning.

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