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July 08, 2008


That is so funny but cute. I love the Rolling Dog Ranch.

What a wonderful story! It just goes to show that disability is in the eye of the beholder.

My dog dug herself a full doggie-sized underground den when we were on duty at a look out tower one year. She would nap in it during the heat of the day. Austin is sleeping still in the grass like a baby deer. He must be part rabbit and part deer! Glad the scary mystery is solved!

What a cutie pie. I to have a beagle who has three legs that we adopted from the pound. She, along with my other two dogs, are the loves of my life. Thanks for the amazing stories.

Way to go Austin! He is so cute. I to have a beagle named Kasey with three legs that we adopted from the pound and I am so glad we did. She is the love of my life along with the other two dogs we have. Thanks for your story.

It is so cool what you two do, I am truly heartfelt in my appreciation for your care of these special friends. Enjoy the approaching Fall-jim

One of my 2 beagles is blind & he can find the tiniest places to snooze. The funniest hidey hole was after a bath. He flew thru the house & jumped on the couch. I went about bathing the other 2 boys & realized an hour later that he wasn't on the couch. Then I saw the pillow moving---he had burrowed into the end of the pillowcase, his snout was poking thru the corner he'd previously chewed off, and he was snoozing away! Such a silly boy. Thanks for the entertainment you share..
as well as the TLC to so many sweethearts.

Hmmm, Out-foxed by a blind beagle??I think you should make sure Austin isn't telling his buddies, next thing you'll need is a helicopter!
Way to go Austin!!!

Austin found himself the perfect Beagle size sleeping hole! Keeping in mind that he is blind, he must have been ecstatic to find such a great place! I'm glad you found his favorite place. Now he can have his hole and sleep in it too!

You have THE best stories! I read them before bedtime and have sweet dreams of all these beautiful animals.

I hope you are keeping a diary, these stories would make a best selling book of comedy, courage, companionship and unconditional love.

What joy! Hugs to Austin!

OMG! That would have made me frantic! That little guy certainly found a hidey hole almost under your noses! I'm so glad there was a happy ending to this! Whew!
Hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

What a good story, and I loved the ending! That's a terrific expression on Austin's face as he lies in his hidey-hole (s we call our animals' spots). Thanks!

That little scoundrel really did find a great hiding place, but the jig is up now!

I'm sure he was only interested in finding a cozy sleeping spot otherwise he wouldn't have slinked home the way he did.
I can see why it was a scare for you guys.

I laughed out loud at the end of the post; the picture and your bunny comment were just too much for my funny bone to take!

I have had that "pit of the stomach" moments before...not so great, actually! Glad you found the little monkey!

Austin Powers international beagle of mystery.

Austin must have been a rabbit in a previous life!:-)

I'm so glad it all ended well. Whenever I can't find one of my pets, I get frantic quite easily, I must admit... I'm just your typical "anxious Italian Mom"!:-))

Awww - what a cutie. He probably didn't realize you all were out of your minds wondering where he got off too. He's a doll - and smart too! He knows where to go to next time he's in trouble!

I'm so glad you found the hiding spot. That would have panicked me too if I couldn't have found him. Must have been cool & very quiet in the long grass.

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