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July 23, 2008


I love these pictures. Thanks for sharing with us, Wendy. I love step #6. We are all so soft when it comes to our four-legged kids. Thank you also for giving them such a fun & exciting life. You all are blessed to have each other. Have fun on many more outings! Send more pics!

This boy will never be bored when he can come up with his own enrichment activities! Plus he feels like he has achieved something win-win!

Step 6 is sniffing out where I am, putting his grubby little feet on me, and trying to look cute to get another bone! (it works most of the time)

What an absolutely adorable pup Baron is. I can see why Wendy fell in love with this one!

This looked like a super fun camping trip!!
Thanks for sharing the photos with all of us, Wendy.
I'm so glad you and the dogs are enjoying summer outings; dogs are great companions for outdoor activities.
Keep us posted on your two great dogs; we just love seeing where adventures take them in their new lives.

Great pictures Wendy! He just wanted to show you he could bury something and find it again! Look Mom see what I can do. Looks like he had a great time camping..big adventure for him and we all know how he loves adventures!

Baron is very entertaining, & has created a great game for himself. He's quite the creative little guy! I think his philosophy would be, "If I didn't get dirty, I didn't have any fun!" It's great that he's literally a Happy Camper! Thanks Wendy for giving Baron & Stoney great forever homes.
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Hi guys!
These are the most precious photos. I nearly laughed out loud at my desk at work(!!) after struggling not to cry about Laddie. (Oh, the emotions they bring out in us.)

I am very sorry about Laddie. Know you made the right decision for him, he is without pain now.

As for young mr. Baron - I could eat him up - he is beyond cute!!

Thank you all (Steve, Alayne, Wendy, vets, volunteers,etc.) for giving these animals the life all pets should have - safety, fun, love and care.

Have a great day - stay strong.

Oh my, what a wonderful story and pictures!! I especially like his face halfway, "had a lot of fun AND will have some more!!".

He's also better at hiding his bone than my doggie, who always thinks the thing will suddenly become invisible when he digs it halfway in ;-) -and he is one with 20/20 vision...hehe.

OH MY GOODNESS----Major laugh out loud! Perfect timing after the sad news about Laddie. Stoney and Barron found a wonderful home with Wendy! Thank you Wendy--you are wonderful.

It appears Baron has this down to a fine art - especially the waiting 15 seconds part. That must take exquisite timing and finesse!

How cute! He seemed pleased with his camping idea. Not to sure it would work for us two legged creatures but it sure worked for him.

But wait - - what's Step Six??

What a clever post! Baron's a cutie, and obviously a happy camper.

What a total squirrel!! Even more reason to give disabled animals that extra chance. Who would want to miss this kind of action?

After reading the blog about poor Ladie I definately needed some cheering up. Baron definately did that. Ha ha thanks Baron and Wendy - what a sweet funny little guy. So pleased he is out and about enjoying life!

I once watched our Sierra dig a hold with her paws, then fill it in with her nose. Then she repeated the process, same hole. Then she dug the hole a third time, and filled it in. Now, apparently, the dirt was just right, so she peed on it and walked away. Dogs do some strange things.

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