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July 06, 2008


I was involved in her original rescue, and am so pleased that she is being well cared for. Thanks to all those that helped Helen from Big Sky Rottweiler Rescue.

Helen--kisses and more kisses to you! You are a brave girl!

Oh sweet, sweet Helen, you poor baby! I know its tough to understand what happened to you, but hang in there sweet girl, you will get better. Lots of love and hugs from Wisconsin!

This interesting. At least one of my two dogs gets to wear the "cone of life" or the "cone of money" as I call it once a year. Tell us how it it attaches, etc. I can see my 9# dogs slipping out of this. The upside is they can still drink water and play with their toys while wearing it.

Good luck Helen! You're in good hands.

What a precious face!!! Hope all goes well with her rehab so that she will be feeling better.

Ahoy there Helen! I am glad to see that there is an alternative device to the dreaded plastic cone. The ring looks much more comfortable. Three cheers to Sue!

Helen looks more embarrassed that she has the ring around her neck. Hopefully she be on the run soon. Kisses to you pretty girl.

Never saw those rings before. What a great alternative to those Elizabethan collars! We're sure thinking of Helen and wishing her the easiest recovery/transition possible. She looks like SUCH a sweetheart!

Such a sweetheart! I sure hope better times are ahead for her. I'm sure she gets lots of love and encouragement - what more could she need! You go girl...

Aw Helen - I know those licks are as sweet as sugar - like you. I will envision you taking your time to learn a different way of moving around - I know you will find a way.

The inflatable rings look very comfortable; thank you for the generous gift, Sue!

I hope Helen continues to get comfortable moving around on 3 legs....what a sweetheart she is!

Helen looks great though!!
Thanks for the news about the collar my dog is going in to be fixed in two weeks so this is a great alternative!!!

I'm so sorry Helen had to have her leg amputated!:-( Hope she will soon feel more comfortable walking around on the remaining three.

Our Leo has a message for Helen: hang in there, sweetheart!

A big hug to all of you from Italy.

poor helen! i am so sorry to hear about the operation. thank goodness you were able to save her, but she will have a lot of adjusting to do. please give her lots of love over the next months!!!!
she is absolutely adorable in that picture.

Dear, pretty, Helen - - I would kiss your sweet face if I could. I wish you all the best in your recuperation and rehabilitation. You have a hard row to hoe, sweetie, and I'm pulling for you.

So sweet! Glad to hear Helen is on the mend! Happy belated 4th of July!

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