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June 18, 2008


Awesome!!!Thanks for the update on everyone - I love to read what is happening with the animals.

Got my vote in on AP! $10K could go a long way, I'm sure! Steve, hope you don't mind, I set your age at 29....

How is Penny doing? I am hoping no news is good news !

That is one handsome pup! So glad he's not in pain with his eyes. I too voted for RDR with Animal Planet. I put Steve's birthday as February 14th, because he is a sweetheart!

All your animals are so WONDERFUL at The Rolling Dog! However, I just have to say it,"I have a favorite and it's Shep." Those ears that face, and those eyes!Oh sorry forgot one those paws!

Shep is sure adorable. Thanks for the update on everyone - I love to read what is happening with the animals. I assume Penny is OK? :)

Thanks for the heads up on the Animal Hero nomination on Animal Planet network, Shirley!
I just cast my vote for RDR.
One thing....they do ask for Steve or Alaynes birthday so I just choice a random date. Otherwise, it was pretty simple....just click areas on the site and write your nomination.
So cool!!!

Note to Steve:
Could you put a button or link on your site so that readers know about the Animal Planet's event?
That way Shirley's suggestion will get seen by everyone instead of a few people who write comments. I'd love to see you win the SO deserve it!

Thanks for the suggestion. I just submitted my vote for Steve and Alayne. Only problem was, I don't know Steve's birth date, so I made one up. Sorry, Steve. Hope you win!

Is it visiting time yet for us outsiders? I want to meet Lady and all the crew at RDR.

ATTENTION ALL BLOG READERS: I urge you to log on to the Animal Planet and vote for Steve or Alayne for Animal Hero of the Year--this could mean $10,000 for the RDR!!!! DO IT TODAY!!

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