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June 24, 2008


Thank you for all you are doing for Carmel. Please keep me posted on how her surgery went. You are wonderful people and your care for each and every animal shows.

Tibby is just showing all of us that you can play no matter what your limitations are. I love that picture!

I send good thoughts to Helen. I'm glad they caught the cancer before it spread further.

And good luck to Carmel as well!

Our thoughts are with you all... good luck and health Helen, Carmel & Dusty!

Claire looks like she has not missed a meal, love it.

What's the update on blind Lena with her basket and blind Penny? Glad to know they all get such great care!

Tibby definitely has a flexible spine...I love the cat postings!!

I'm sorry Helen will have to loose a leg but it sounds like that's the best option for her survival.

We'll keep Helen and Carmel in our thoughts as they both go into surgery.

We're so glad that Dusty is up and moving around...yipppee!!

I'm glad you started the blog light hearted. Good to hear the news about Dusty --so sorry that Helen has to lose a leg and Carmel her eyes but I know it's only for the best. Thank you for taking great lengths to make the right choice for these wonderful creatures.

VOTE FOR ANIMAL HERO OF THE YEAR on the animal planet website--Steve and or Alayne---you two are amazing!

I hope the surgeries take away Carmel's pain and that Helen can adjust well to another adversity that life has thrown at her. So glad you found the tumor though!

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