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June 23, 2008


Just wanted you to know how years later, a post like this can be helpful. One of our dogs suffered from a loss of use of his front limbs today and after some testing, FCE is the leading candidate. Just doing some web surfing and research now.

My 7 year old tibetan terrier had a spinal stroke and was completely paralysed , please do not give up on your dogs as he was given a 50 50 chance of recovery but with alot of 24 hour care and love he made a recovery leaving him with a weakness in one of his front legs but apart from that he is back to normal .

Reading this reminded me of a dog, Bobby I had back in the countryside when I was 5. I remember that before dying he couldn't move anymore. It could have been this.
I really hope Dusty gets better soon.

This just happened with us - we have a 9 yr old minpin who was acting normal and then one evening she just got real wobbly and by morning she was not able to stand on her feet. We have a great Vet who believes in treating problems directly and usually does not order unnecessary tests. She treated our Yellow Jacket with an antiinflammatory and some other drugs i don't know the name of. Here it is 2 weeks later and our Yellow Jacket is about 90% back to normal. I had no idea about this condition. I am so grateful we were so lucky with our beloved YellowJacket and I will add to my prayers any other pet owners out there going thru this. It was a very long week before we saw improvements but now i realize how fortunate we were. Thank you for posting information like this for all of us dedicated pet owners.

Yesterday my 5yr old chocolate lab, Jackson (who I love more than anything) was playing fetch like normal and all of a sudden he lost the use of his back legs. I rushed him to the vet. My vet told me I needed to take him to UC Davis Vet Center. They think he has FCE. My heart is broken. Jackson loves to swim and is crazy about playing catch. To see him unable to walk and having no ability to control going to the bathroom on his own was and is beyond comphrehention.
Jackson is still at the hospital and I really don't know what to do. My Doctor says that there is a possibility Jackson could recover. I want to do what's best for Jackson. It's also a matter of cost. They quoted me 5 to 6 grand. I can't afford that kind of money. Is there any kind of place that may be able to help pay for his medical bills? Should I try at all to see if he could recover? I'm just at a loss and I need advice.

My German Shepherd had a spinal stroke about a month ago, while he has done wonderfully with regaining control over his back legs and tail, which were paralyzed, he is not doing so well with his bowel movements, he doesn't know a movement is coming until it is too late. I was wondering when your dog regained control over his bowel movements and how long it took?

My wife Monica called me at work yesterday AM informing that our beloved Shi-Tzu Gizmoe (13 lbs) was lame and couldn't walk very well. Normally on any given hour we'd see him chasing and being chased by our other beloved dog Mochi, a 6/1 lb. Maltese. Monica took Gizmoe in to VCA Animal Hospital and was prescribed some sort of muscle relaxer and cortizone pills for him. They offered to X-Ray him but my wife declined initially because she did not think they were very competent given that they got our pet's medical records mixed up (another story). When she got home with Gizmoe and administered the meds he crawled into his day bed in the living room and went to sleep, where he remained until about 3PM when Monica carried him to the yard to releive himself. It's at this time she noticed that he had lost all control of both hind legs. I got home from work about 5PM, assessed the situation, read the FCE and Type 1 disc herniation pamphlets she had brought home from VCA, then immediately packed both Monica and Gizmoe into the car for a return trip to the VCA animal hospital and had an X-Ray taken of his back. Dr. Wong at VCA told us that Gizmoe responds to "deep pain" in his rear legs, the X-Ray's do not show anything abnormal, and there does not appear to be any pain along his spine. Gizmoe got admitted to the hospital last night following a $1500 deposit. I called them this AM and they report no change in his condition other than to say that they had to catherize him in order to relieve his bladder. I have no idea if he can manage a bowel movement yet. VCA (Dr. Wong) said she would call me again this afternoon and discuss progress and schedueling an appointment with the surgeon whereupon we will have Gizmoe undergo a myelogram because MRI's are not available for animals here in Hawaii (what a shame). If the myelogram indicates a Type 1 disc herination, then surgery will take place immediately; if not, we will treat with drugs and therapy. My dear wife Monica is beside herself. You see Gizmoe bonded mostly with her whereas Mochi has bonded with myself. It's all very hard and depressing to think that Gizmoe may endup paralized for life, whereupon we will likely have to consider putting him down.


I read your story today about Dusty and I suppose hat I am a day late. We put our dog Hogan (9) down last night after several days of inconclusive reports from our vet. He was on morphine and other drugs to "keep him comfortable." However, Hogan's symptons very similar except that he could not move his head eiher. But in the end the vet said she believed it to be a spinal stoke and could not say whether or not Hogan would recover. Ultimately we decided that the humane thing to do was to put him down for his final rest. We are sad and will miss him forever.

I came across your story on spinal stroke. My husband was told a month ago that he may have had a spinal stroke which left him
paralized from the waist down. We
are now awaiting word from Mayo
Clinic if they will except him. We had never heard the expression up until now. There is not much
info on the subject on the web.

Hi,I just want to thank your site, my dog Harry is in the hospital as I write, the vets are perplexed as to what is wrong with him,as his MRI and X.rays showed nothing as wrong. Harry is presenting the same symptoms as Dusty, who I hope is well on the mend. I have passed your info on FCE onto Harrys surgeon, who have been a little surprised by my research ! I think it is a doc thing. Harry is a huge part of my & my husbands life, what wouldn't we do to get him well. I will keep watching your site, to see if any physio or hydrotheraphy is used on Dusty and see if that helps, I am guessing that is the route we will be taking to get Harry fit. We wish you al well. Sandy & Norman

How I hope Dusty will be as good as ever. He seems like a wonderful caring animal. You are so lucky to have him and he is lucky to have both of you.

I'm so sorry that poor Dusty is having to go through this, but so glad that it will pass! I've never heard of this either. It's amazing how much I've learned from your blog! It's great that you knew what to do & have so many wonderful Vets! Thank you for taking such great care of these precious animals!
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Man, the ranch residents surely keep your vets on their toes. You deal with the strangest stuff! I hope Dusty will be better very soon!

I've never heard of a spinal stroke either; albiet interesting, it's a scary situation when it happens to one of your beloved animals.

I hope Dusty is able to be in tip top mobility form soon. He's a darling pup!

I've been wanting to hear a story about Dusty...but not like this! I have three Siberian Huskies, one which is blind.

Hope Dusty gets better soon!

I'm sending out lots of love to Dusty and hoping he gets better real soon!

It is said that you learn something new each day. I will always be glad for what the RDR teaches me. :)

Dusty is such a special soul. He's so shy and cautious. We lost our siberian husky last year, so I'm drawn to this breed. Dusty is such a valiant husky boy! Get well Dusty.

Don't forget to vote in Animal Hero of the year! Steve or Alayne!

That sounds like it must have been a scary experience for both you and Dusty. I am glad to hear that he is going to be ok. I hope he is able to get back to full range of motion. Do you do any physical therapy exercises with Dusty to help him relearn how to use the muscles?

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