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June 29, 2008


Happy endings are the best! Baron undoubtedly has found a great sleeping spot, too! Could it be a human bed? And Stoney - I haven't met a lab that didn't love water so she will be listening for the creek sounds every day! Special needs = special love so all are blessed!

I am so happy for Baron and the new family!

I feel so stupid calling Stoney a "him". It dawned on me on my drive home what I had written! Maybe it was because I have a huge black lab/rott cross "Bear" who reminds of Stoney and he's a male. Sorry Stoney. Stoney is still a very lucky GIRL!!!

I just LOVE your blogs each day! Really cute stories about your buddies!! Thanks alot!!

Thank you so much Wendy for giving Stoney a second chance at feeling loved and the freedom to run and play. He will never tire of the water. He's a wonderful dog! God Bless You! (His first family)

What a happy story! Congratulations Wendy on your new babies! I believe they are going to have it made at their new home!Thanks for making my day!

So sweet, looks like a match made in heaven. xo, suzy

She looks just like the bachelorette DeAnna! Congrats on your new family.

What a great new life for those special babies! Best wishes, Wendy for you and your new ones in their forever home. RDR thanks to you for bringing them all together:)

That's fantastic Wendy!!! I just email all my contacts promoting the Ranch. -Zandy

I just LOVE stories like this!! Wendy is an amazing human being and how lucky we are she will care for these two special dogs.

Greats news to hear that two cuties have been adopted! Wendy, keep the blog readers posted on how your furry kids are doing. Loved the photo posted on the web!

It's so good to read such a heartwarming story. Wendy, I wish you many years with your little ones. MaryJane

Such adorable pictures. I can feel that snuggle through the screen. And Stoney has her own creek! I wish many happy and fun days ahead for this beautiful trio. Best wishes Wendy for you and your new furry babies. And as always thanks RDR for giving these precious animals a new and love-filled life.

I'm so lucky to have these two! Baron has decided that he should sleep with his head on the pillow just like a person would. And Stoney has taken to placing herself so close to the floor fan, I think she's going to cut her nose off! Thank you for allowing me to take these two precious animals into my home!


Thanks for taking these darlings home with you Wendy!
I hope you enjoy many hikes with Stoney and quiet lap sittings with Baron. Sounds like these dogs are a perfect fit for your life.

Good luck to you all!

Congrats Wendy on two wonderful new family members! I can see that the bonding has already begun! That pic in the car is just precious. I wish you years of love together.
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

What a great way to start a new week! I'm so glad for Wendy, Baron & Stoney... They can now look forward to a long, happy life of snuggling and hiking together!

Stoney has been our favorite for years--Wendy is one very lucky girl! I can see how she could not make the decision and took both. I'm so happy for Stoney and Baron. My husband and I discussed adopting Stoney and Baron but if you snooze you loose!!! This is great news! I hope we have future blog updates on these two very special pups!

Hooray! Twice blessed. Congratulations to all three, for a long and happy life together.

What great news! I am sure baron and stoney will be very happy in their new home!

What a wonderful way to end the weekend! Congrats, Wendy! :-)

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