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June 17, 2008


I'm so glad that the limit was dropped on the amount of tickets sold so the RDR really got more money from the raffle! Barbara, you do such an act of love to make those gorgeous quilts & then donate them! Thank you so much for being so generous with your time & talent! Congrats to Peggy & thanks to everyone who purchased tickets to make this such a great gift to the fantastic RDR!
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Congratulations Peggy as well as RDR! What a priceless masterpiece you now possess. And Barbara, enough cannot be said in regards to the hard work, time, and care you put into this beautiful and so finely-detailed work of art! Thank you, Barbara, for your dedication and a thank you to all those that bought tickets (and those that tried) in support of Rolling Dog Ranch. What a great deal of positive change we can all make together!


next time. i'll win the quilt...
i have all year to figure it out!

Lucky Peggy!!! I've got quilt envy, but lots of joy for the amount raised for the Ranch! Yippee!!

Congratulations to Peggy!! Enjoy your wonderful, beautiful new quilt. I will win mine next year! hee hee.

Peggy you hit the jackpot! You got a remarkably beautiful quilt. And of course RDR hit the jackpot - and as for me, I hit it every day reading about all these beautiful people and animals (even though my ticket didn't win). Thanks Barbara, Alayne, Steve, Austin, and ALL for these success stories. Would Austin do some serious rolling in the quilt?

Congratulations Peggy!! I am so jealous!! Enjoy your new quilt and thanks to everyone who bought tickets! I know all the animals thank you.

The quilt will be mine next year. We have to keep the quilts coming to Florida for our chilly nights. 97 here today, too hot to snuggle under a quilt. Congrats to Peggy and to the ranch.

Congrats to Peggy! She has a real treat coming her way and I'm sure she'll treasure the quilt since she quilts as well.

Thank you for helping out the animals again this year, Barbara. The bon apetit quilt is gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you design for next year.

Oh Peggy you lucky dog!
Barbara you do beautiful work and I'll try again next year! Austin is such a cutie pie!

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