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May 08, 2008


I read Lena's story on the website and like so many of the animals at RDR it is such a sad one; to think that her owners unknowingly paid a trainer to destroy the sight of an otherwise perfectly healthy (and very beautiful)eight year old horse. Thankfully she is in a loving home now.

Lena is not only beautiful to look at but obviously beautifully behaved as well. Good girl Miss Lena!

I am absolutely certain she was trying to kiss you, too, Steve!! Sedation, a dental drill, and a cold, metal speculum just doesn't affect those feelings.

So, not only is Lena the most beautiful horse in the universe, she, apparently, has the most beautiful teeth, too, thanks to the 4th-year vet.

That's terrific that Dr. Taylor supports externships; it always increases my opinion of a vet or a clinic.

To take pictures is human, to kiss, equine!

Lena certainly is your special girl - and now she has beautiful teeth, as well! :)
Do you know how old Lena is?

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