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May 11, 2008


I thought about it. Spinner can't read body language or hear a welcoming call to enter. All she knows is that the door is open. The touch tells her, indeed, that she should come in.

That's just too sweet. :)

There is buried treasure in the heart of every dog...bless you for taking the time to find that treasure!

I agree with Sarah NZ...Spinner is training you well!

What an intelligent and precious girl!!! She knows she is loved and cared for!

With no pun intended, this truly touches me deep in my heart. I'm on business travel in Okinawa yet I visit you all anticipating wonderful inspiration- and you never fail.

Spinner, Steve and Alayne, you indeed have "global reach" of the best kind.

What a beautiful girl!

What a cute story and what a smart dog! Do you think she'll be able to train you to do anything else. Obviously she has the patience and knows you're trainable :-)

What a smart and beautiful girl.

I am sure Spinner finds all kinds of things in that touch - the best of which is love from her deeply caring and comitted guardians.

I love Spinner!!
She's a great spokesdog for deaf and blind animals and their owners. She enjoys life the same as the sighted and hearing; but has different ways of communicating.
She's brilliant, beautiful and an inspirational blessing to us all.
Keep it up girl!

Blind and deaf and still --- so well mannered! What a lady.

You really DO know how to start my week off with a smile, Steve ! That photo is so tender :)

Amazing.such a special girl.

I'm so happy she finally got you trained, Steve.

That is too precious! Happy Mother's Day, Alayne -- I know you have lots of 'kids' that love and appreciate you!

That is too precious! Happy Mother's Day, Alayne -- I know you have lots of 'kids' that love and appreciate you!

Spinner's got it spot (nose?) on -our local dog whisperer once told me: all you have to do is listen to your dog.

Big kiss, Spinner

Thanks for this post. Spinner is such a beautiful, smart, and special girl, and I am very glad that you have found a way to communicate with her! It is wonderful to know that she has things all figured out with her humans and at Rolling Dog Ranch!

Sweet Spinner is one of my favorites at RDR. She is beautiful and so well-adjusted considering her "disabilities." The touch is a wonderful form of communication... I'm so glad you figured it out!

Spinner is one of my favorites. Clearly your and Spinner's song was sung by The Platters, "You-ou-ou've - got - the - magic touch!"

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