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May 12, 2008


If its any consolation, our toy poodles do this too.

Alayne...I bet you're glad she's not a Bernese Mountain Dog!

My cat does this to me when I'm sleeping. It seems the fastest way to the bedroom window is across my throat...

Very cute post!

Our little princess poops alot will jump from my chest to Park's on Saturday mornings if we are not out of bed by 7!! She weighs a mere 8 pounds, but when she jumps across a king size bed with 4 jack russells in the middle it knocks the breathe out of you!! Alayne looks like she doens't mind at all having Widget on her. I call that "the stare down".

You know, my cats try to stand on my head all the time, but, well, they're cats, that's what they do. I've never seen a dog do this before, much less a blind one! Hilarious!

Nice try, Widget...

Totally funny!
I can just see her tail bobbing and her feeling of conquest over the human mountain. Woofies...Widget you're the coolest!

It was time for a Widget blog. I love it. She's great.

It's a kodak moment :)

You're right. I think you should give up the seat for Widget. Hahaha.

Widget, you are a goofy girl!!! Alayne, did you give up the couch?!

Funny picture. Hope to see a picture of Widget on Steve sometime! LOL

That is halarious! I'm glad Alayne was able to withstand the weight while you grabbed the camera.
Hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

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