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April 03, 2008


It's so cute it looks like a toy!
I really hope she gets along with the others. She looks so innocent.

Now that is a sweetie. What a nice dog. Bless you for helping her.

Lady is a beauty. What a SWEET face. Kudos to all her special angels that got her to you!

I thought you were on the ragged edge of implying Alayne was part of the "club", but, phew, you managed to pull yourself out of it. I sure wish I was as beautiful in a fashion-forward babushka (a new candidate for your list of top 5 personal essentials)! :)

Steve and Alayne,
I saw Lady in the Missoulian yesterday under the name "Lucy" and thought the Ranch would be a perfect retirement home for her. I was so overjoyed this morning when I opened the blog and saw she had found her way to Ovando. THANK YOU for giving her a special place to spend the rest of her days. You two truly are saviors.

Welcome beautiful Lady! You are one lucky gal to be at RDR and more importantly in the BOLD club.

I hope Creighton finds relief after his surgery. I wonder what happened with those eyes? In such a young boy?

Oh, she is so beautiful!! You picked the perfect name for her. When I saw the first picture on your blog, I thought, oh, what a sweet dog. She is such a lady.

I see the picture of Lady and am reminded of my beloved Springer Spaniel Chester and think I truly hope I live long enough to come for a visit to the Ranch.

Throwing away old clothes is one thing, but throwing away old animals breaks my heart. I'll just bet her owner just sorta put her out there and said "run free little one, but don't come back."

But RDR knows better and understands that there's still a lot of life and love in the old animals, too. Here's to the BOLD club.

What a lovely girl....I hope she is a good fit with the other old ladies...she looks adorable! I only wish I could do what you guys do!

Oh Lady, what a beauty you are! How lucky you are at the fantastic RDR! I must say altho your luck may not have been so great the day you were wandering on Reserve Street and before, that is all in the past! You look like a real sweetheart & I'm so glad you're at the best place on earth!
Big hugs from Tx,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

A very warm welcome to Lady, who does look very very sweet!

I'm so happy she's joining BOLD soon!:-)

A huge hug to Lady from Italy.

I wish Creighton a speedy and uneventful recovery from his eye surgery.

1) Welcome little Lady!!! You will have to make sure that Ellie May, Duchess, and Lady are introduced properly and understand that they are members of a very special and prestigious club!
2) I am so glad to hear that Creighton is soon going to be feeling just fine - no more pain, just a happy-go-lucky puppy!

Thankyou for the update on speying mares RDR, and best wishes to lovely Creighton who will be pain free soon.

And congratulations and welcome to Lady, she is so pretty! I adore her spotty feet, she looks just gorgeous.

Looking forward to more updates on her.

Kae Norman
Rescued with Love Inc.

Lady is beautiful! Glad to read Creighton's surgery went well and he's finally pain free. Hope to see more picture of him soon.

It's hard enough to be old, and then to be blind and unwanted to boot -- so your three little old ladies have done well to find a loving home at Rolling Dog Ranch. For however long these three are with you, I"m sure Lady, Duchess, and Ellie May will be a joy.

Is there anything cuter?

I pray when I'm an old lady that I find a place just like RDR but for humans! Hail the BOLD girls!

Sorry that Creighton lost his eyes but it won't effect his quality of life--such a cutie-pie!

Welcome, Lady, to the BOLD at RDR! I've a feeling you'll love it there.
Hugs to all the residents at RDR, and best wishes for a happy weekend.

What a beautiful Lady :)

I can't express how happy I am that you took in Lady. I saw her on the Animal Control's website the other day and was so upset that my own living situation wouldn't allow me to adopt her. Thanks to you two, she has a happy and loving home to spend her remaining years.

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