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April 13, 2008


Mitch is such a handsome boy. I love reading about him. I have three Siberian Huskies myself, one of them blind with a heart condition.
I am sure it is hard to keep poor Mitch on limited activity. I know how active those huskies can be!!!
Your blogs are the highlight of my day. Thanks for all you do!

All tho the news is not good I know RDR will do their very best to get all three in good health--that's all you can do. I can't even think of where they would be without the RDR!

Mitch I love your husky face!

My heart goes out for all 3 but especially for Mitch. His condition hits close to home. I adopted an Eskie from Eskie Rescuers United last Feb. He was about a year old, had been terribly abused and had a severe case of heartworms. Unfortunately he didn't survive the treatment and we let him go to the Rainbow Bridge on March 8, 2007. I think people just don't understand how dangerous heartworm treatment can be; that it can kill the dog. Some folks think the disease can be treated (and it can if caught early) so they don't give their dog the preventative. Heartworm treatment can also be painful and, like Mitch, Ghostie didn't like being confined to his crate. You are all in my prayers.

Hey guys, we are holding your paws and hands.

All our love

One day at a time; one diagnosis at a time. It's not easy. My thoughts are with you and your beasties.

I will certainly keep Duchess and Lady in my thoughts and prayers, and Mitch, too, as he goes through his heartworm treatment (heartworm is endemic here in the Po valley of northern Italy, btw)!

Please keep us posted.

If it doesn't rain it pours. The good news is Mitch can have treatment for heartworm even if he has to 'rest'.

Duchess and Lady are in deeper waters. We all know when we take the older ones, we hope they are in reasonable health, often we don't know until the symptoms manefest. I have Dolly who has a grade 5 heart murmur and lives with it, so please Steve and Alayne, I would like to offer you some hope!

These girls had nothing. Without you they had nothing. Now, they will receive love AND care. You have taken on the role of guardian for these two girls, and you are doing so admirably. I hope they have some time to know you care, to understand love at the Rolling Dog Ranch, and have a chance to enjoy their twilight time a little more.

Kae Norman
Rescued With Love

oh no! such a lot of bad medical news to be hit with all at once.
as for Mitch, he is such a darling, and what a handsome guy - he looks like he just needs some loving. one of the dogs at the shelter where i volunteer recently came in with heartworm and terrible mange, and he has pulled through and he is one cute little Cobby! I am sure Mitch will be fine, and that you will be able to manage his heart and thyroid conditions; that is quite a lot of troubles for such a young fella, though. poor buddy.
I do hope Duchess makes it through her surgery all right, and as for Lady, she will be in my thoughts and prayers. Good for you for going the extra mile for these animals, and finding out what the problems are - I certainly hope they all turn out to be fixable, but when the end does come, at least Lady, Duchess, (and Mitch) had someone who cared and loved them when it was their time. Thank you so much.

Mitch, Dutchess and Lady all are in my thoughts.

Get better Mitch! Such a handsome guy. I'd give him a home in a heartbeat. If it wasn't for my two guys.

Duchess things will be alright soon. Chin up.

Lady is so special, I'm glad you guys are there to give her help and hope.

BTW how is Creighton doing?

One more comment I can't resist making: Mitch, boy, you have the sweetest face It reminds me of a teddy bear.

Poor Duchess and Lady (they sound like aristocracy with those names, don't they?)! Here are my wishes for the very best in their future, and the same for Mitch. I look forward to reading happy news for all. Hugs to all at RDR.

I'm so sorry to hear the bad news about Mitch, Duchess (I always think of her as Granny) and Lady. Lady looks like such a sweet dog; I sure would like to see her get a chance to live several years at Rolling Dog. I hope the best for Mitch and Granny too. Please know that Toby, Annie, Lucy (doxies) and I are pulling for these 3 fur kids of yours.

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