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April 14, 2008


Love your beagles! Please join our beagle list, it's called Happy Tails. We have members from all over the world.

Here is a link to the list

Hope to see ya there!

Raven, Molly (Beagle) and Lucy (Aussie Kelpie)

I love seeing the "action" of what's going on at the RDR! I think Widget is rather lucky that Alayne came in & Stuart adores her.
So glad to hear that Duchess' surgery was successful & am hoping that the news is good.
Hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Well, we know (don't we Widget?) that Stuart used Alayne as his Alibi !!!!!!!!!

Crossing fingers and paws that Duchess's biopsy is benign !

That is too funny!
Glad Dutchess came out of surgery without any problems. Hope the biopsy result is a good one.

Glad to hear Dutchess is doing well. You GO Widget!!!!!

Steve, I just read this blog and had one of the BEST laughs I've had in a long while. Your commentary is hilarious (fitting the pics perfect) The Standoff is so typical of a "House Queen" (self-appointed, of course). I know this well, as I have one of those, too! It would make a Great Mastercard commercial:
Comfy chair: $200.00
Billowy Cushion: $50.00
Two disabled (but definately NOT disadvantaged) dogs wanting the same spot: PRICELESS!

What a funny standoff! Thanks, Steve!
Poor, little Duchess Granny, I know she's feeling none too well right now. I'm sending prayers and good thoughts for her, and for Lady and Mitch, too. In fact, I'm sending them for all of you at RDR. Best wishes!

The Loom was working on me from my chair!
I'm glad you were able to capture the whole intimidation and eventually, win of the chair. Widget looks victorius and Stuart was probably happy to get a pat on the head from Alayne. A good win found by all.

A beagle is not a wise dog used to thinking deep thoughts. However they are able to focus their microscopic brains when needed. When they do focus you can count on it involving food or comfort. Or better yet being comfortable while eating. Widget is a sterling example of her sub-breed, the Party Beagle. From the folks at the Northern Virginia Widget Fan Club.

What a hoot. No one ignores better than a beagle and no one glares/stares better than a beagle.
Glad Granny is better. Hope the biopsy turns ok. I love older dogs -she needs a whole loaf of bread when she comes home.

"Of course it's my chair, it is in my house isn't it?"

Needless to say, I'm hoping with all my heart that Duchess's liver biopsy comes back negative! I'm so glad to hear that she passed her surgery with flying colours! Brava Duchess!

Widget's behaviour reminds me of our own little "tyrant", Daphne. We could make her an honorary beagle!;-)

What a scream. I couldn't stop laughing.

Widget, my dear, you are quite a character!!

My thoughts are with the old ladies through their medical diagnosese. I know that even if the prognosis isn't good they are going to be lucky to live out the rest of their lives in the lap of Rolling Dog luxury.

A win, is a win, is a win! That's so great that you were able to capture the sequence of events on film, Steve!

Glad to hear that Duchess came through surgery and is on the mend, fingers crossed for some good news about her.

I can feel the tension through the screen. Too funny! I just wanted to thank you for blogging. We have a fairly large animal family- 2 dogs and 5 cats- that have faced serious medical problems last year and into this one. Two dogs have cancer as does one of the cats, and another cat faced the removal of an eye that we were fortunately able to avert. I love that you give in-depth medical info that is so helpful. The joy you get from these animals and how joyful they are to have a second chance really comes through in your writing and beautiful photos. Keep on doing what you're doing... and thanks for all you do!

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