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April 28, 2008


Well, what do you know? Apparently you *can* lead a horse to water and make him drink!

I too am grateful for the new water tanks!! No more hauling the water hoses around!! Yahoo!!

Rolling Dog's going green! Glad to hear the new waterers are so energy and labor efficient! I don't know which you must like the most. Maybe it's a tie.

What a "Thanx" expression :)

Man, that is one content horse!

RDR leads the way in greening the sanctuary and saving money. And Laddie's happy pink tongue says it's truly a success. I'll bet it will keep the water cool in the summer, too.

The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald TN uses a similar technology in the field for their eles except they don't need all the insulation!!

I love that picture of Laddie. Wow, it's amazing what they developed for animals now and thank you for explaining how energy efficient these automatic waterers are for the Ranch—it’s such a WIN/WIN!!

Laddie looks quite satisfied, thank you!
And what an improvement with the watering system - greener, better, cheaper, easier!

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