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April 20, 2008


My family and I were the previous owners of Creighton Zane, and boy do we miss him! It makes me so happy to see him pain-free now. He still has that gorgeous fur, shiny as anything! :)
Please give him a big hug for us!

Heather and Family

Pain free and as darling as ever!

This boy is absolutely adorable! I am looking forward to reading more blogs about this boy! I'm happy he is now pain free and I still think he is adorable!

Yay for Creighton! If you thought he was irrepressible before, I can just imagine him now that he no longer has pain in his eyes! Look out Doxies! Woo Hoo!

His eyes looked so incredibly painful, it hurt just to look at them, I am so glad they are gone! He is such a beautiful pup.

Thank you for taking him! He will be such a sweetheart, I know.


I cry when you lose one. I cry when you win one. I've got to buy waterproof mascara. Congrats on the successful eye surgery. Can't even imagine how happy this little boy must be to suddenly have no pain. Now all he has to do is concentrate on being a puppy. Yea!!!!!!!!

I think its great that you can do some techniques, like removing staples at home.
I'm so glad Creighton is pain free; he'll be able to entertain you with his best puppy energy now!

Handsome no matter how you look at him, but now handsome AND pain free. Yeah, that's the ticket.

And look at those paws, too! So thrilled Creighton is now pain free, and will bring you all joy, rewarding your kindness. YAY!

Just knowing he is finally pain free makes my heart smile! Let your vets know how much we appreciate them and everything they do to make these animals lives happier. Keep up the great work!

I'm so happy sweet little Creighton is finally pain-free! Isn't he an adorable cutie?:-)

Please give him a big hug for me.

I don't think I will miss his bug-eyes... I had a cat with glaucoma in one eye and once he had the swollen one removed he acted 5 years younger (granted he was already 10 at the time). You could just tell that the pain relief was immediate. I hope the same is true with Creighton. He is an adorable boy and I really hope someone with a little patience decides to adopt him.

What a sweet baby boy! So glad he has another chance at a good life. Thanks to you both for such caring hearts!

What you do for animals like Creighton is amazing! Such big hearts! I always get tears in my eyes when I read your posts like this and many others. Such a pull at the heart strings!

Wow, he really is a handsome boy - shaved eyelids and all. Glad to hear Creighton is doing so well!

Thanks for the update on the little guy. You are a braver man than me by removing the staples yourself. I would have made that drive to Helena in a blinding blizzard by sled dog to not do that. You should see me when I have to administer liquid meds. It's like the whole world has come to an end.

15" of snow here...I must thank you again. Can you keep the studs on till May 1 next year?

He is a gorgeous boy regardless!

Yay! I've been waiting for updates on Creighton! What an adorable puppy he is!

Creighton is just too cute! Cheers to a happy, healthy, joyful dog and a happy, healthy, joyful life!!!

And i don't know how you handle so much cold weather, esp since so much of your work involves being outdoors! I am from MA and I don't mind the snow, but I don't think I could deal with the sooooooooo cold temps, even well into April!

Yeah....still looks precious as ever and now pain-free!

I must say...he looks very handsome.

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