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April 24, 2008


All star Lena...strong and healthy heart; yeah!
But aren't you glad you brought her to the good doctor? Now you know she's strong and you got a little jab in your side. ; )

Hooray for Lena!!!And I'm so sorry to hear about all of the losses you have suffered already this year.
How is miss Sweety doing?

We are all human so we are allowed to be wrong, in fact, it is guaranteed that we will make the wrong decision or wrong judgment at some point. I'm glad to hear Lena's heart is great.


peace of mind is priceless. Lena, and your loving care are beautiful, from the inside, out. Yay!

I guess when the calendar says late April, even if there's snow on the ground and it's freezing out, Montanans haul out their short-sleeved shirts!!

Glad to hear that Lena is fine. I can understand your worry.

It's wonderful to read that Lena has a healthy heart! I agree with you, better safe than sorry! It's best to rule out the worst case senerio than to have it happen & wonder why you didn't check for that. Smart move, Steve! I would have done the same thing!
Big hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Needless to say, I'm very happy, too, to hear that Lena's heart is doing just fine!

Isn't she gorgeous?:-)

Glad to hear the queen bee of RDR is doing well. :)

Lena is such a beautiful girl, and I am so glad that her heart looks beautiful, too! i know she is your special gal... :)

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