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April 11, 2008


beautiful dogs now, what a lot of trauma for them. How do blind dogs manage?


Thanks so much for sending me this link. I enjoyed the story and hope the girls are doing well. I look forward to reading more. God bless you both!

The before and after pictures truly show how awful puppy mills are and how loving care can turn the most neglected sweetie into a gorgeous dog. Great work by all involved....what a trip those two had!!! And now they have arrived in paradise, God Bless RDR.

I've been away a few days and just catching up with all your posts. I have 8 cats but I'm a major sucker for poodles. Welcome home Molly and Pris, you girls just won the dog lottery! Yea for the "poo-doos."

Thank goodness for dedicated animal rescuers everywhere! Those before and after pictures are UNBELIEVABLE!!

With all their terrible situations behind them...these lovely southern ladies are going to melt your hearts...y'all!
Welcome home Molly and Priscilla!

What beautiful southern belles!

Thank for rescuing those two beautiful poodle girls! What a wonderful memorial tribute to Dolly, Oscar and the other dogs who have recently gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Thank You for taking and caring for Molly and Priscilla. I could not watch the show on Oprah about the Puppy Mills, because it would have made me too sad. I wish we could save them all!

Good job, you two.

Can't wait to see the photos of Molly and Priscilla after you attempt their first hair cut ;-)

I can only imagine how Mary, Debbie and Jennifer must have felt seeing 'their girls' with your arms around them, Steve.......Safe at last and forever at Casa RDR !!!!!!!

What an endearing story. I'm from DFW myself and have been transplanted into Montana. Sounds like the girls are off to a great start. What an amazing rescue!

Keep up the amazing work!

Welcome, Molly & Pricilla. You will be treated like royalty for the rest of your life. I'd bet you get adopted though. Welcome to RDR.
I have a miniture poodle named Andy who came from a puppy mill.
The Humane Society here took 30 animals away from these people and they still had 10 or 15 more.
Some were so interbred and had deformities and disease and they had to be euthinized. Andy was only about two and the kennel manager took me back to see him when I dropped in to volunteer. Poor thing was sitting in the back of his pen shaking like a leaf. When they took him outside he wouldn't walk. They had to carry him out and he'd just stand there like he didn't know what to do. When I took him out of his pen he immediately licked my face. It was love at first sight. I told them I'd foster him for a while. Well, that's a big joke at the shelter because they know if I foster, they won't be back. After he was neutered I went out to pick him up. I put a leash on him and he walked through the shelter and lobby and everyone didn't think it was the same dog. He was really skinny, but now he's a chub. Had some trouble housebreaking him because he just went in the pen where he lived. He is a beautiful boy.
Why people run puppy mills and are collectors is beyond me. Thanks for taking the girls. They will have so much fun at RDR.
Blessings to all there.

Thanks to everyone that had a hand in saving these two from being put down & getting them to the fantastic RDR! At last these two sisters can finally be happy & breathe a sigh of relief! I know they will be happier than pigs in mud when they realize what a great place they've landed! Thank you so very much & big welcome hugs to Priscilla & Molly.
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Le chic, c'est "poodle"

The poodles are beautiful! Welcome home girls, you will be loved and well taken care of! God Bless Steve and Alayne for what they do!! I'll bet handsome Creighton will know he's around pretty girls.

SOoo glad to see these gorgeous girls together, and secure with you. I'm betting that their personalities totally blossom as they get the chance to express themselves. Great joy ahead!

Molly and Priscilla are gorgeous girls! So good to know they will be together with you at the old are they? It sickens me to know of the horror they experienced at the puppy mill. Thanks to all who had a hand in their rescue.

What a Cinderella story. The before and after pictures are amazing. They are beautiful girls and I'm so glad they are safe at RDR now. These Texas Poodles will definitely add a touch of class to the Ranch. Big hugs from Texas.

Wow! The poodle rescue folks did a terrific job getting them cleaned-up and healthy. That "before" picture is very sad. They look terrific today! And such lucky girls to find RDR.

I'm glad to see a couple of "big dogs" come along. With recent adoptions and new arrivals, it was starting to look like Rolling Small Dog Ranch!

Welcome Molly and Prescilla! Enjoy the good life, girls.

They are absolutely gorgeous! Poor things, I'm sure they are quite confused as to what is going on. Welcome to RDR!

They are absolutely beautiful and a great addition to your ranch! I grew up with a standard poodle and not only are they a gentle loving breed, they are extemely smart! I love reading your blog btw - you guys are the best!

Poodles, yay! I love standard poodles! They're so smart and sweet. Those girls are beautiful!

BTW, its a darn good thing NWA made that mistake yesterday - because of the bad weather in Minneapolis, NWA placed an embargo on animals traveling through here today - they would not have made it today anyway!

Tell the "boys" to straighten up...there are "Ladies" at the ranch now! LOL...seriously, breaks my heart that breeders can be so cold and cruel...all in the name of the almighty dollar. Bless you guys for taking them!!!

And what a classy pair they are.
How awful and sad looking they were at the shelter. Thank you for taking them in along with all the others. It will be fun to hear how they get along.

What a couple of show girls! they are beautiful! That is so sad that they had to go through such horror. Thank God for Rolling Dog & people who care.

What sweet looking girls. God love you for taking them. Can't wait to hear an update in about a month when they feel at home.

You people are saints.

I really want to come to the Ranch one day 'but' even I don't think I'd be so excited I'd pee. lol

I want people to stop buying from puppy mills!!!!

I know it may sound nieve but why would anyone in the market for a dog be willing to buy one from a mill, really I just don't get it.

My Springer Spaniel although purebreed was not pedigree but even he came from a vet clinic and another dog came from the SPCA in my area.

My current dog (foxy cross) was purchased from the local newspaper and was one of a litter of 8 if I remember correctly. But even given the nature of that purchase they were all still happy in the penned off area of the wood shed on this persons property.

I think if you'd buy from a mill why even have a dog in the first place, because you certainly wouldn't look like someone who deserved to have one to start with.

POODLES!!! RDR enters a brand new phase of wonderfulness...

You are going to love them more than you can imagine. Congratulations!

Damn those puppy mill people. Heartless and money-grubbing. But I digress.

It is indeed hard to recognize the two girls as poodles in their earlier picture, but they sure do look fine now in the caring hands of the wonderful rescue people and RDR. What I like about poodles is that they move a lot like dressage horses. They have beautiful movements, especially their extended trots.

So class is definitely what you're getting here. I'm so glad these two sisters will be able to stay together.

Welcome, Molly and Priscilla.

I think Steve has some more minions to add to his harem. Miss Ellie May is going to have to share.
What pretty girls-Poodle Mania has struck the ranch.

What beautiful girls!!!!

Molly & Priscilla are just gorgeous!! Looking at the "before picture", I can hardly believe they're the same dogs!

I wish these two very classy ladies a long, healthy, happy life at RDR!

A big hug to both from Italy and - as usual - a huge thank you to Alayne & Steve and to everyone involved in their rescue. God bless you all!

I was looking up information for a project in one of my college classes (I am woking on my pre-vet degree at the moment) and saw the picture of your horse having his eyes removed. I started peeking further around you blog and though I only read a couple stories, I was very touched at what you do. I just wanted to say God bless you and your commitment to these poor animals. You are truly angels and advocates for these animals in a world that can be so cruel to such innocent creatures. I was so touche dI just felt I needed to say thank you for all you do. You are incredible people.

What beautiful girls they are and i no they are going to have a great time rolling in the grass and doing what dogs like to do...Thank you for taking them in and i'll bet they get adopted and lets hope together that would be wonderful, but for right now have fun girls and enjoy your new life at teh ranch ......

Those two are absolutely adorable!!! I am so glad to hear that their story is going to have a happy ending! do you know how old they are?

also, do you find that the animals are traumatized by the airplane rides, or do they tend to rebound quickly? of course i realize that their pasts are often traumatic, as well, but just how scary is the plane ride?

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