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April 23, 2008


How wonderful is that?!? I love seeing your crew chum up with each other. It proves that dogs with "disabilities" can be wonderful companions, to human as well as to each other. The pictures made me laugh out loud and made my day!

Best comic strip I've seen in ages

How sweet is that! i love the expression on Belvie's face, he really is enjoying himself... haha! wonderful!

Stuart is so adorable! Its so cute how the others love it and sit and wait their turn. So sweet!

I get it: It's "Rolling Dog Ranch and Canine Spa."

Funny pictures :)

Remake of an old song.....Working at the dog wash.... work and work oh, those pups never seem to stop coming.... pups and pups; keep those tongues and ears comin'!
Great shots, Steve.
Looks like Daisy was out of there when the left side of the wash began. HA!

That is too sweet! Our chihuahua doesn't like to groom our other dog but she does like to groom our cat's ears and ours as well!

Stuart is such a love bug. That made my day.

Thanks for the smiles!!!

If the Dachshunds are minions and Stuart is a quasi-minion and Alayne is Steves better half, does that make Steve a quasi quasi minion?

Whaha, he must have hairballs the size of dachshunds ;-)... Very funny pictures, time for a little movie maybe??

My mom has two dogs. The younger one loves to do this to the older lady, who .. um .. tolerates it to a point. With a barely audible whispered growl she will then announce that bath time is now over. Very sweet how dogs communicate.
I'm also glad to see Daisy set free from house arrest!
Hugs to all. Stay warm. We had our first frost here in SA - in April!! We skipped autumn completely.

Our black lab does the same exact grooming to our cat who LOVES IT!!!

i think you have mentioned stuart's grooming talents before, but i had no idea how thorough he was until i saw these photos. how funny!

also, i am glad to see daisy up and around. i believe the last time she made an appearance on the blog was last month when she was confined to her crate for a problem with her spine/legs? i hope she is doing better!

LOL that's too funny! The look on Belvie's face is pure ecstasy!

Hey Steve, which black dog is that in the background?? :)

Looks like Stuart is really earning his keep! What great pics you got of the whole process. It reminds me of the cleaning stations that fish have in the ocean. Thanks for sharing this great episode of the "happenings" at the wonderful RDR!
Big hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

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