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April 07, 2008


I just wanted to say that I believe that Love never dies and that the love these animals have for you both will come back in one way or another.I also believe they will be waiting for us when we cross over to the other side to comfort us as we have comforted them.

There's still snow on the ground, right? This is better than having to wear a set of clunky ear muffs. Much more fashionable chic!!!

Awww...too precious!! haha.

I was also wondering how my Creighton is doing? He is so blessed to have you & Alayne.

It is truly amazing how passionate you both are about this cause.

I think he doesn't want to be out done by Widget!!

How cute!! It's time for the a few laughs... I see a Widget blog coming soon...

My friend with dachels says, "It's all about the badger hole."

My little Corgi/Doxi mix does this when trying to hide from me - after ripping the rubbish bags to shreds for instance! Maybe she thinks if she can't see me, I can't see her. Of course it is hilarious, her with the head behind the bedside table while the entire Plumpette-sized body is visible. Nobody stays angry long. So sad about more losses for you - all I can say is please take care of yourselves.

Why do a whole body cover-up? If I can't see YOU I'm invisible, right? What a sweet little dog...

A friend in college had a Dachshund, Ethel, that would go to sleep when you covered her up. She was just like a bird that had had it's cage covered. It was sooo cute.

If he can't see you, you can't see him, of course...Maybe he's "hiding"...?? :)
So glad to hear about Tyler!!!!!

I've seen my guys bury their heads to block out the they can sleep. But in your case, I'd bet it was because I wanted my pic in a blog.

He's just showing you how to do an ostrich impression. :D

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