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April 09, 2008


I wish I could sleep that well!

And that's pretty much why we rescue beagles. They are the only dog I've ever met who can make you pee your pants laughing while you are so mad at them you could spit. They are goofy pretty much all the time, and they are that way just to get away with murder. A finely honed survival skill!

I wish I could just "let it all hang out" like that. Love the pictures, and love those two Beagles!

Can I offer you our version of the same decadence?

We think our girl is border collie / lab, but now we have to consider beagle as well. :)

Yup, that could be a photo of our Beagle, sprawled out, showing everything she has. No shame at all.

Are those beagles or ancient Greeks at a Bacchanalia?? Same hedonistic poses, same wholehearted debauchery...hmmmmm.

That is not specific to beagles. Our basset hound loves to lounge around in that less than ladylike position!

What they do for belly rubs :)

stuart?! wow! i thought 'yay! widge's back!' and then u mentioned the name stuart. all i can say is, pure decadence! u gotta love em! love the pic! HUGS to all at RDR! x

It's a tough life at the ranch for a beagle...Good to see stuart relaxing.

One look at Stuart and I know that Rolling Dog Ranch is heaven on earth for all his peers that seek sanctuary from difficulties of life that they have been thru. All I can say is thank you for all you do

Well, I think there may ne some 'dog'- nip in that big brown pillow !!!!!!! :)

Obviously, these two are smart enough to know how to take advantage of the comforts in life.

At first glance I thought "she's baaack" but I was fooled. After such sad news I was laughing at such an undignified sight. My condolences on your loss of Dolly and Snowball. It is heartbreaking but thank god they have a second chance for happiness at RDR.

It's very tiring work being a beagle. They always know that somewhere there must be something to eat and it's their job to find the morsel even if it is molicule sized. After a hard day of hunting (well wandering really) and trying to mooch some food a beagle needs a rest.

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