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April 06, 2008


I've wondered myself about adopting Tyler. It should be very interesting! I wish you many great years with this loveable 'goofball'. Bless you for adopting him. Keep us posted on your relationship. Best.....

- Jane and Roux

I am going to miss Tyler. I love him and have only met him through the blog. He is such a character. I am glad he will be coming back on grooming days. Take photos for all of us Tyler fans. Best to Karen and Tyler !

Tyler looks like the perfect dog for Karen...a great match indeed!

I'm happy he'll be with her every day and that RDR will still get to see his antics on grooming days.

I think Widget is up for the Beagle challenge!

Another match made in heaven, for sure. Congratulations Karen, Tyler, and Steve and Alayne. Happy day, happy life!

Beautiful picture!! Many happy days ahead to Karen and Tyler. You look great together.

Many happy years together for Tyler and Karen Congrats!!!

Congratulations Tyler! I'm glad you guys will still be able to see him on grooming days!

We did need some morale boosting, didn't we? Three cheers for Tyler and Karen!!

I'm sure they're going to be very happy together.

A big hug to both of them from Italy.

Karen and Tyler FOREVER!!!!

The picture of Tyler a year ago in USA Today with Alayne is my favorite picture of all time! How different his life is now from his life in the beginning. It's a win-win for Karen and Tyler! Thanks to RDR.

That's wonderful news for Karen and Tyler! Congratulations to both on this happy ending!

Congrats Tyler!! Adopted on the same day as our Greek "Pointer" and yes, they are goofballs ;-)! This was our first adoption OUT of our family, all the others always were adopting IN... It's a bit of two worlds, yes we will miss him terribly and YES he will have a great, fun-filled life with another family! There's always a first for everything....

Congratulations, Tyler and Karen! Best wishes to you both.

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