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April 16, 2008


Yay! We are so thrilled to hear Briggs' progress. I can't tell you how many times I had him in my lap and gently smooshed his forhead skin down so he'd get a bit more coverage of those poor eyes. He's such a great little guy and I can't imagine how someone could just let him get like that. I'm excited to see him (and Widget and Lucky!) in June.

So glad to read the great news on Briggs! He's a real trouper, & on the downside of being a "conehead"! It's great that the news is good.
Give him some hugs from me,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Yep, there is talk of blizzards this coming weekend.

Poor Briggs! Cones are such a pain. Maybe something like this or this would be more comfy.

In a couple of weeks, we all can celebrate Cone Independence Day! But then who is going to pick up that great television reception? I'm so happy everything turned out well. Have a wonderful day.

Great to hear that Briggs is doing well!
Let's all burn our head cones in 2 weeks to celebrate. heee---heee.
We're looking forward to meeting Sweetie soon.

There you go Steve, teasing us once again with news of a new arrival, with no pictures, tisk tisk! lol

Yippee for Briggs - hang in there boy, you're almost there! Removing the snow tires bringing on a snowstorm - sounds like washing our cars bringing on a dust storm here ;-) Can't wait to hear the news on Duchess, Lady and Sweetie! Stay warm.

Yesh, good luck for the handsome fellow and wishing you well with the "reverse-weather-action-forecast". That ALWAYS works... leaving laundry out to 'dry' on a sunny day, booking your ski holiday in advance, things like that ;-).

Way to make it snow again Steve! We've had enough of that "down" here in the flatlands.

Can we have a pic of Briggs the martian?

Can't wait to visit this summer.

Hurrah for Briggs! I wish you a speedy recovery, handsome!

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