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April 08, 2008


I loved reading Laura and Levi's story. Thanks!!!!

Great news about Levi!!! I've had my eye on him for a long time, but I live out of state & probably have enough babies to take care of at home already. One of them is a black lab & that's why I especially was drawn to Levi so it's wonderful to hear he has found a loving home of his own. Thank you Laura & for letting us know the good news:-)

What a wonderful adoption arrangement and a happy ending to Levi's story! Congrats to all who made this possible!

Yay for Levi!!
So happy for him.
Congratulations for Levi and new mom!!

Congratulations Laura, Levi, April and the feline gang!
Thank you for taking this darling boy; I'm glad he's fit into your home but of course we knew that he would....he's a pleaser.
Wishing you many years of good luck, love and companionship.

Congratulations to Laura and Levi for this happy ending. This picture of the two of you, one red-haired and one-black haired, is lovely. Levi so deserves this love and thanks to RDR, Laura, and all for giving it to him. What a wonderful forgiving dog.

I am so happy for both of sounds like a wonderful match.

So good to hear great news!!!
Cograts to him and his new MOM

Another great piece of news!!

I wish Laura, her cats, Levi and April a long and happy life together!

Way to go, Levi!

How wonderful!Congratulations!

Hurray for Levi! thats fantastic! Im sure he'll have such a happy life with laura w.

Such good news!!!!! I am so happy for Levi. I know exactly what you mean about a dog becoming "a bit too much" when he is excited; one of my best little buddies at the animal shelter where i volunteer bounces up and down like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. "...but the wonderful thing about (Levi) is that he's the only one!" I am so happy that he has been adopted.

Whoooooooooooo!!! GREAT, GREAT news!!!

Congratulations Levi !
Good luck in your new home.

Thanks to RDR and Laura for a second blissful adoption in the past week! Here's to happier times in the coming days. We've all shed far too many tears recently. Big hugs to Steve and Alayne and the furry friends in Montana living a dream!

Congratulations, Levi and Laura!

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