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April 21, 2008


God Bless's to bad there arn't more people like you....

Heh, you must be too used to much larger breeds of horse if you think she's not a normal size for an Arabian. ;) From what I see, she's just about right for her age - they really aren't very tall, just like Mustangs aren't.

It was nice to have an update on her, tho!

A girl can NEVER have enough Spa treatments! :)

Every girl loves a spa treatement, including those of the equine variety! Thank you for the update. Let's hope her next surgery does the trick, but I'm sure she will still demand a visit to "Spa Steve" every now and then.

Aww, she does look like a moose. Too cute.

Gotta give this girl her props, too - if I had to have my rear end washed every day, I don't think I'd be anywhere near that dignified about it.

What a cutie! She was so adorable as a pony and she's still a cutie. Does she enjoy her daily bath? That is so great that you take the time to do this for her daily since it is so important to her.

Brynn, I think you are simply beautiful. Thank goodness you have staff to see to your daily hygiene needs. May you have many happy birthdays to come!

I remember Brynn's first baby pictures; so darling and she still is. I'm sure your care has helped in her longevity but more than care; there's tenderness, routine she can count on and your patience for which she senses energetically.
She's a blessed girl in a blessed home.

Just goes to show what TLC can do...with all her medical problems...your love and care have made her life beautiful!

Thanks for all you do for these wonderful animals.

Thanks for the update...I had been wondering about her.

Good for her. As long as she is a happy girl and having fun, she should enjoy life.

Question-what has Travis been up to lately?

I quite agree with Jamie: Brynn/Moosie is beating the odds thanks to all the TLC she's been receiving since arriving at RDR! Thank you so much, Steve & Alayne, for providing that TLC.

A big hug to Brynn from Italy.

TLC is spelt RDR. :)

Thank you for the post on Brynn - I do wonder how everyone else who doesn't make it into the blog on a regular basis is doing; I hope that no new is good news, although I'm sure you must have funny/endearing/happy/upsetting stories about everyone.
Brynn is indeed a trooper. The odds stacked against her are high, but hopefully she will continue to beat them as happily and contentedly as she has thus far.

I guess it goes to show you...even with all this beautiful horse's ailements only she...along with someone more powerful and wise up there knows when its time and damn it...they say it just isn't time! Yes!!!!

Oh, my word. Now that you mention it, she does look like a moose!

Since she can't say it (in words), I will: bless you for your gentle, daily care. Love has a lot to do with longevity.

Steve & Alayne, Brynn only goes to prove what TLC can do and that is certainly provided at RDR. Go, Brynn. You are a beauty.

It's so nice to have this update on Brynn! She's being so nice & still for you while you bathe her hind quarters. Seems she knows you are doing that to help her so she doesn't get those nasty scalds. Yes, she is really special & with the love & care that you & Alayne have given her, she's a very happy girl!
Big hugs to Brynn,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Thanks for the update....she looks so precious. You go, girl!

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