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April 15, 2008


We checked out the slide show last night and thought it was wonderful. I see that you have now joined our ranks, Steve.;)

What a wonderful tribute to the ranch and the animals. I hope that thousands or even millions of people will have the opportunity to find out about the RDR. If I had not been watching the Today show a few years ago, I would have never known that the ranch existed. I hope to schedule a visit there in the next couple of years. In the meantime, cheers to Alayne and Steve and all the volunteers who work so hard to give these animals a wonderful life.

That is great! What a wonderful slideshow! It just repeats what all of us that so closely monitor this site already know....RDR has made such a difference to so many wonderful animals and touched the lives of so many of us that love those animals. Thanks again for all you do!

Loved the slide show; gave us an intimate glance at the reality of running RDR. You and Alayne appear joyful, despite all the hardships. Sad to see the beloved animals that have passed-did I see Dolly?

they did a really nice job, and I think it will create some funding for you!

Thanks for sharing this with us! I especially loved the slide show, getting to see the special animals that have passed on & hearing your voices. That was a great presentation! Thank you both so much for what you are doing to make such a wonderful difference!
Big hugs with kudos,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

The ranch is beautiful. No wonder you love it there. I too had tears when I saw Snowball.This is fabulous publicity for the critters. Congrats on the article and thanks AARP. The slide show is awesome.

What an amazing tribute to RDR! I am so impressed with the hard work you do to give those precious critters a second lease on life. Congratulations!

I'm completely blown away. Speechless. And so in awe of what you all do. Thanks just isn't enough.

Wow, this is so beautiful. It was so wonderful to hear your voices and see your sanctuary in the slideshow. The tears of joy flowed as I watched the piece.
As the mom of a wiener dog in a dog cart, I could feel your deep love for these animals and I absolutely know what they give back. It is worth more than any material thing or money. It truly is. I thank God everyday for the gift of my Frankie. I have learned about life from her in so many, many ways. When she was first hurt I couldn't understand why this was happening to me. But I know why now. I was meant to share her story with others, which I am doing. It was my destiny, just like yours with your ranch. I am honored God chose me as Frankie's mom.
Frankie and I visit schools teaching kids about challenges and also about loving and not judging handicapped animals. I plan on sharing the rolling dog ranch website with them and your story.
God bless each of you and all the animals in the world... I truly believe we must watch, observe and be a part of animals lives to truly live compassionately and give back. Your example is exquisite and I truly can feel the heart of what you do for these animals. Thank you.
Barbara Techel

Wow! I almost felt like I was there with you guys (which is my secret wish). Thanks for letting us into your home! You are both such special people. Thanks for everything you do.

The slide show and article were awesome! I've forwarded it to several people.

You guys are an inspiration.

A testament worthy of such a special place you two have built. I have been sending the article and media clip to many who will be as inspired as I am to know such a place exists. Kudos Alayne & Steve!

Awesome!! Love the ending with the dog barking, the cat purring and the horse whinny!!

What a great story and slideshow! And, it's great to see you get some recognition for all the great work you do.

What a beautiful piece so nice to see the wonderful photo's of some that have left you, especially Snowball and Oscar.

Wonderful text, but what an amazing slideshow.... The pics of Steve with Ellie May and Snowball touched my heart the most but the daily things, aaaalll those dinner bowls and Alayne saying "shhh" in the kitchen are priceless too!!

OMG, what a wonderful presentation. Or as a previous poster stated "freakin' awesome!" Give everyone a big hug and kiss from me.

I just loved the slide show and hearing your voices, Alayne & Steve!

Awesome pictures! Congratulations to all.

WOW - a great tribute to the RDR. Gorgeous photos that capture the spirit and dedication of the ranch.

The Snowball photos brought tears and fond memories of his PURR and life that he found with your cats.

You guys are the best and I am delighted that you are getting this publicity.

I am almost eligible for AARP - now I can't wait for 50!!!


You guys are wonderful and brave people. And most of all, good people.

Freakin awesome!! Great exposure for 2008!!!! Beautful pictures too!

What a wonderful slide show... and nice write up about the ranch. Keep up the great work... :)

Absolutely beautiful. The pictures of the precious ones that have "gone on" each brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful memory book you have here as well as a very inspirational story .

Again, great work Steve and Alayne, thank you so much. From all of us animal lovers who do what we can and are forever in awe of what you do, thanks again.

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