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March 26, 2008


I think what Briggs was really trying to do was get reception on Fox News! :)

I think Wolf Blitzer needs to see this. Whether he has total or any beagle attention, it is still an honor indeed to be in the good company of the RDR gang!:) We hope Briggs recovers soon, both from his eyes, and umm, testosterone.

If ever something deserves a "Reality TV Show", it's the Ranch. I can see in my mind's eye Briggs facing down Mitch. LOL!

Looks like Briggs would rather be a WWE correspondent...

You have to catch beagles when they are interested in something. There was nothing on the TV for them when you took the picture. Take one when CNN is talking about pork bellies or cattle futures and you'll have 3 pudgy little Beagles who are all ears. FOOD, now that's news!

Let me be the first (maybe) to vote for a...cone to nose Briggs V Mitch face off picture? Although Briggs has Mitch at an unfare advantage sporting his high tech bark-volume increasing device.

Hahaha... You leave CNN for your dogs? That's um... quite unique! :D
I wish Briggs speedy recovery of his eyes and Mitch good luck tomorrow.

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