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March 13, 2008


Daisy's eyes...they just melt you then when she has you right where she wants get a big fat rasperry with the tongue!
I hope her leg starts to work properly again so she come out of her crate and stop torturing you with melting eyes.

I look for an update ( last one was Thursday) and I think...........OMG, could Steve and Alayne possibly be having a private, somewhat normal ( so to speak) weekend? :)
Oh, Yes, I HOPE so !!!!!!!!!!!

x0x00x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0 to ALL !!!!!!

I've had three dachshunds with back was a rescue that was already paralyzed and in a doggie cart, one whose back went out twice but responded to steroids and crate rest both times, and one who needed back surgery and fully recovered only to have two more "episodes" in the years to follow...both times she responded to crate rest and steroids. So even though Daisy is SO unhappy, we all know it's for her own good!!

Loved the priceless photos of Daisy's displeasure of being confined!!! Get better soon, Daisy!

Talk about Doxie Moxie!!!

Get well soon, Daisy girl.

Does she have a good view of the TV from her crate? That could be the problem. I'm glad that she is improving & certainly hope that she continues to do so.
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

You guys are all fooled. Daisy loves her new digs. Room service, massages, belly rubs, constant attention. When can I move in?

Daisy, 'the bird dog of owlcatraz'.

Daisy, Daisy, tell me your answer do; I'm half crazy all for the love of you....etc etc

LOLOLOLO! Well that's pretty darn clear on how she feels about the situation. I'd buy back her love by sticking a little treat in the carrier when you put her back under house arrest each time. I'm not beyond bribery.

Hang in there Daisy! My name is Frankie and I had to undergo the same thing for 8 weeks!! First I had surgery, then physical therapy, and meds, and then got a cart with wheels! It is pretty cool. So don't worry, you'll be good to go in no time at all. Just close your eyes pretend you are on tropcial vacation, basking in the sun on a sandy beach, watching all the handsome boy dogs go by. You can do it!

Dachshunds backs are very easliy can go out. I am a foster mom for a dachsund rescue here in Texas, I foster a Female Dachshund Named Kika and she is 3 yrs old, hit by a car, owner waited 10 days then decided to put her down, well the vet felt she could get a good home, 6 months later that home is mine, I love this little girl, and everyone who meets her does too. She got her wheels a few weeks ago and we go out side every day, it is so great to see her run again. So I know how much it means to have them crate rest. Good for you even if she does not want it.

Well, I dont't blame you one bit, Daisy ! The nerve of these people ! :) ( and I like your look in the first photo,'ve got Attitude. girl !!!!!)

Have you thought about putting little Daisy in a doggy stroller? That way she could go everywhere with you or Alayne and she might be happier.

Get well soon Daisy!

"I think this whole plan stinkthththth."

Poor baby....I'm sure she will get over her displeasure (eventually) LOL

Free the Rolling Dog Ranch One!!!

Smile! :)

"Daisy, Daisy, tell me your answer do; you're half crazy from your bed rest, it's true..." (Betcha nobody remembers the original version of that song!) Even when you're not up to par, you're adorable, Daisy. I hope your recovery progresses quickly.
Bless Steve & Alayne and all the RDR crew for taking such good care of all the fur folks.

Hey, Steve, Daisy's picture says it all. How funny!

What adorable pictures! It looks as though she is saying:"you just wait until i am 'outta' here." Do you suppose Daisy is givng you the proverbial one finger salute , with her pink tongue ? Boy, does she look disgusted!!!!!In the first picture,she seem to be asking,what did i do to be treated like this?I am sure she will get overbeing confined the instant she is given her freedom. Thank you Steve and Alaynefor taking such good care of the Doxies and all the other furkids. Hope the predisone works and helps her condition.

I am sorry but those pictures are way too funny. She is so tiny even her collar looks too big. Good luck it could be a long week with that kind of attitude to deal with.

Too Cute!!! Hope that she is mending quickly! How are Brynn and
Copper Kid doing? Sending lots of
good thoughts today!

I have to admit...that's a pretty comfortable looking "condo" she has to be incarcerated in...hang in there sweatheart; you'll be out soon!

Steve! She's giving you a raspberry! Oh, that's too funny - poor Daisy!

Well I'd be mad too if my "boyfriend" was using some other woman's back as a chin rest while I was confined to bed rest!

Hang in there Daisy. Hope you are feeling better soon.

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