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March 06, 2008


I was in the isolation cottage about 8 a.m. this morning, giving deaf Snowball his heart and stomatitis medications, when Alayne walked up to the window and said, "We've got a problem with Twist."

Poor little Twist looks so uncomfortable! Thank goodness you had some medication on hand. Glad to hear he's feeling better. Our doxies Toby, Annie and Lucy all send him their best wishes!

Wow! Glad your ranch pharmacy has an inventory of necessary meds for relief....but an insect bite during the cold winter in Montana?! Hope Twist is feeling fine today.

Poor Twist! My first thought was a spider bite. Baytril's good for this kind of thing. Twist was lucky she could get your excellent home care right away. Feel all better, girl!

Dachshunds get things all the time. I had one(Hailey)she got into something when i was walking her, by the time we got back to the car her whole face was swollen, I was on my way to Dallas, where she was going to be adopted(I did not want her to be) and we stop and got her Benadrly, within the hour it was down some, she did not get adopted(thank God), so I adoted her. Our CEO of dachshund rescue teased me about carry a bee in a bottle and let it string her so she would not get adopted, I really wanted Hailey. Well anyway by the next day she was ok, but took her to the vet and she said it was most likly a bite from a bee or something. So DaCHSHUNDS ARE FUNNY ABOUT THAT, GLAD HE IS IN GOOD HANDS. tHANK YOU FOR YOUR WONDERFULL WORK YOU DO.

Poor Twist!! He is making my face hurt!! A few months ago my papillion had a reaction to her annual shots about 30 minutes after we got home from the vet, her snout was so swollen, her eyes were almost shut, we rushed her back to the vet, and thanks God for benedryl and predisone!! Within hours she was back to her cute little self!! Her name is Kayla June, but we call her Princess Poopsalot!! Good Luck with Twist!


It never ceases to amaze me, the huge hearts you and Alayne have. Despite the sorrow at loosing Dillon, Pepper, and Oscar so recently, you're off to the airport to pick up a new charge! Bless you again for all you do, and for loving these wonderful animals no matter what. We can't be with you physically, but we're certainly here in cyberspace cheering you on.

Glad to hear that poor Mr. Twist is already recovering. Spider bite you think? Ouch.

oh that poor little fellow! glad to hear he's feeling better!

He is so sweet. Still can't stop thinking of little Oscar.

Poor Twist! Hope he's feeling lots better by now!!

What brave biting insects are there in Montana in the winter?

I can't wait to hear about your latest family member.

A bug bite in the cold of winter?
Montana has some hearty bugs!!
Twist certainly looks unhappy; I'm glad the swelling has gone down.
Once again, the fast acting, dynamic duo at RDR save the day.

poor Twist!! I hope he's feeling better now :) Did you ever figure out what bit him? What insects are dumb enough to brave that cold? ;-)

I had a dachshund once bitten by a snake (copperhead) right on the end of her nose. She was so swollen (nose and neck) that she looked like a bloodhound. She lived! and carried the bite scars on the end of her nose for the rest of her life.

I'm so glad Twist is looking (and presumably feeling) much better already!

A very warm welcome to the new girl from California. I can't wait to read more about her!

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