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March 12, 2008


I have a four year old cat that is overweight by about 3 pounds, it's been such a struggle to get that weight off of her. I measure her food, no treats, etc.

I have finally come to the conclusion that I shouldn't be so freaked out...she is healthy and getting a good quality food. What I try to focus on now is keeping her from putting any more weight on.

Thanks so much for sharing your babies with all of us!

Just more to love, nothing wrong with that, huh Bailey?

I'm with you Callie! My grandfather had a saying that has become my motto: Men like women with a little meat on their bones.

Yes, I am sure the diet police will be all over Callie and her humans about her size. They need to give it a rest! In the last 11 years I have had 4 Dachshunds. 2 had weight "issues" and 2 did not. All were fed the same diet and walked 2 miles daily...not counting the numerous dashes around the yard chasing squirrels and cats away. My Callie has discovered the pecan tree in my bckyard is a ready source of snacks. Raking does not find them all but Callie Rose can. Rosie, now in puppy heaven, had spinal disk problems so was on a very controlled diet but she whined continually for food so my Vet suggested raw carrots, celery, and rawhide chews. So instead of whinning at the food drawer she stood at the frig and begged. Any one that has Doxies know how focused they become on their objective!

This is adorable!
You certainly don't see dogs stacked like this very often; or if you do, you can't get your camera in time.
Keep doing what you're doing Callie, I like your dogitude!

I believe Callie is like my sister's dog Sprout, they made up a poem about her:Cute little Sprout, short & stout, she never grew up, only grew out! (Don't tell Callie I said that)Thanks for making my day!!!!)

Award winning blog post!

She's not fat, she's big boned or just a tad under tall. :)

I love this, they are sooo cute. What a great picture, it tells it all. I love all your Dachshunds. And great news on Widget.I have dachshunds like them both, a few could used a diet, but they are just happy being them. Thank you , you guys are just great.

OH DEAR!!! With pictures like that , it makes me WANT more doxies!!!!! We have two now. We had seven doxies when we moved here 14 years ago. What a delightful pair. What positive words: "I love you just the way you are"

I guess you can't see her legs! You made me laugh! Thanks for the update of Widget too! Whoooo!

i am thrilled to hear good news on widget!! and as for miss callie, she is indeed slightly-more-than-pleasantly plump, isnt she? but i guess if bailey doesn't mind then it's all good. :)

Uh, Bailey? Watch out for Callie's tail, would you? If it starts up, it could be dangerous !! :)

How cute is that?

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