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March 20, 2008


Having Penny back home is a great gift; I'm glad she's well!
She most certainly missed home too; this girl is sticking by your side for good!

The family who adopted Penny wanted what was best for her....taking her back to the ranch was the wise move on their part. Penny is now at home at the ranch. Glad she is feeling better!

So glad to hear Penny is on the mend. Happy Easter to you, Alayne and all the animals at RDR!

So glad you're back home & feeling so much better, Penny! You're so pretty & I don't blame you for loving the RDR. I also am not surprised that another family adopted you, as you are such a sweetie. Now please make a great recovery & keep us all smiling.
Big hugs,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

I'm so happy to hear that Penny is recovering! I was just thinking about her and wondering how she's been since her adoption didn't work out. I'm glad that the family that adopted her cared enough for her feelings to return her when she was unhappy. Penny is one of my favorite RDR dogs! Give her a get well hug from me!
Happy Easter! Hopefully spring is heading your way!

I am happy that Penny's new family loved her enough to understand her need to return to the ranch. I bless them and hope they were able to give another animal their love. We often will never know the the trauma these animal have endured so leaving the love and security of RDR must be very fearful even if they are going to another loving family.

Penny knew when she had found heaven on earth and she wanted to be back in her heaven. Thank goodness the family who adopted her were wise and wonderful and observant. Penny is where she wants and needs to be for her. Happy Easter to all the ranch inhabitants human and non-human!

Penny knows she's in the best family and the best place of all. Ongoing congratulations on making her home such a wonderful one. Happy Easter to you and all your babies.

No guilt. You found Penny a wonderful home and the people were very concerned about her. You just didn't realize how bonded she was to her RDR home and companions, including the "servants." I'm glad she's recovering well from the pneumonia.

What wonderful news! Penny is happy to be home, I know. Bless the family who adopted her, but she knows where she wants to be! Looks like she'll be staying, eh?

I'm so glad to hear that Penny is well on her way to a full recovery and back home from the hospital!

When you adopted her out, she must have thought: "Why did they move me to another home, when I already had a great one?".:-)

A very Happy Easter to you all.

The phrase "wrapped around her little paw" comes to mind! lol

Welcome home Penny...welcome home!

Well , of course she wanted to be HOME(at the ranch )who would not want to be there!!!! Penny knows where she belongs. That is just wonderful. An other example of a four footed "person" saying what they want and need ------if only humans would take time and listen.
Welcome home , Penny Glad you have recovered from your bout with pneumonia Stay well.

The same thing happened to me, which is why I have four dogs now. Like Penny, Babs knew and didn't like what was going on at all. She was a horrible mope for the wonderful family who loved her already. Of course in my heart it was very flattering. They are rascals when they want or don't want something.

Welcome home Penny - glad to hear you're on the mend. Though, have to say - Steve & Alayne - I'm empathetic. Have also made some trips to the vets only to find out my critters were perfectly healthy. (Always glad to know they were healthy - just wish I could have known that *before* we went to the vet...)

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