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March 11, 2008


As you were describing Widget's symptoms, I was thinking, "Oh no, please don't let it be HGE." We lost our 7-year old Dachshund to it, and we'll never forget what she went through. We now have two Dachsie sisters and we watch their eliminations closely and when one of them had diarrhea last year, we rushed her to the vet; thank God that it was Giardia and not HGE! I am praying hard that Widget gets through her illness. MaryJane

My first thought was "Oh No!" I am a bit relieved that HGE is treatable. Widget is a strong girl and I know that she will be back to woo-woo-wooing soon. I'm thinking of you all and hoping that this emotional roller coaster will come to its' end.

I'm so glad that Widget's problems are getting figured out quickly. We're hoping Widget gets better as fast as the symptoms showed up...

This happened to our dog. To make it worse, it happened on the morning of September 11, 2001. Minutes after watching the second plane hit the WTC, I was watching the dog excrete a large amount of pure blood. I called the vet and scooped up samples. They didn't want me to bring him in. I spent the morning waiting for the vet to call back, listening to the radio, and fearing the dog was going to die, because he was so sick he was lying motionless. The vet's office never called; everyone was in a tizzy and forgot about me. After a few hours I called them, went in to pick up a dewormer (and to hear rumors about a thwarted attack on our local area, which turned out to be false), went to the pharmacy for antibiotics, and to the grocery for Pepto Bismol, chicken broth, and rice (prescribed to soothe the dog's tummy). Everywhere I heard still more rumors and everyone was distracted, confused, and angry. It was a very surreal experience. I was in a panic about the dog, and meanwhile this unbelievable nightmare of terrorist attacks was going on.

I got home, the dog was still alive (relief!), I turned on the radio again, coaxed the dog out of his bed, offered Pepto (refused), put some rice on the stove, offered chicken broth (first refused but finally taken, relief!), got the meds into the dog, then the rice... By evening the dog was prancing around, wanting to play. It was amazing how he went from death's door to perky and happy. I hope Widget's recovery is just as fast!

Oh my gosh! I just signed in to comment on the wonderful 2007 annual report. I was thinking in 'good-news-for-change' mode and then read the blog on Widget. As you mentioned, with everything that has already happened, all I could say was, "Please stop!" With that already empty pitiful feeling in my stomach, I couldn't even relay my thoughts on to you and Alayne about Oscar--my tears would just flow and flow each time I tried. Miss Woo-Woo-Woo we are all there for you and I have my candle lit-please come home soon so I don't burn the house down. Alayne and Steve, hang in there, be strong, and I am here if there is absolutely anything I can do.

But of course. Don't you think she hasn't taken note of all the new beagles and dachs coming in lately. I think she just needed some reassurance she was still the top small dog.


We have been thinking about you all day sending our positive thoughts your way and hoping for that "all is well" update your mom and dad will be sending out soon.

Hang in there Widge.

Ms. Widget is deeply in my thoughts and doggie prayers. Hang in their Ms. Widget. You have so many cheering for you and loving you!!

I am praying for precious Widget! Keep Fighting! We Love You!

xxxxoooo The Zandi's

I will be pulling for little Widget with all my good thoughts. My female dog had a similar bleeding incident from eating an extra rawhide, a piece of which got stuck in her GI system (stolen from her brother). After lots of fluids, rest and hydration in the doggie hospital, she was back to normal. I hope with all my heart to hear good news soon about Ms. Woo Woo.

Good vibes are being sent to the whole Ranch - tail wags, wiggles, and nose-pokes from our 2 pups are being sent your way, too. We are so proud of what you do.

Fuzzy hugs for Miss Widget!! (and you guys!)

After Widget gets back from the vet, maybe you and Alayne should think about getting away for awhile to re-fill your emotional "cups." So many deaths take a toll. I am sure you could find plenty of volunteers, plus your staff, to fill-in for a week or so. I am not even a donor or a volunteer, but even I would help. Enough time for you to have some R and R. Go lie on a beach or take a hike in a forest or something, but just get away for awhile.

I will paray for her to make a full recovery. she is so sweet and i just love to hear a beagle go woowooowoowoo :) she will be back asking for her doorman in no time :)

Good heaven's now I know what it means when they say, "It never rains but then it pours." Talk about a flood of hurt at the ranch. Thinking good thoughts and sending healing requests to the Fates for everyone to be well.

Miss Woo Woo Woo is in my thoughts and prayers and a candle has been lit for her and for you and Alayne........oh, how I am wanting the best for her :(

Dear little Widget, you hurry up and get well and get back to your duties overseeing the running of RDR. Steve & Alayne, of course countless thoughts are with you,and prayers, too.

We had a dachshund who had HGE. I know what you thought when you saw the blood.... it stopped our hearts. Thank goodness it was "only" HGE, as the vet was able to treat it and Lady got better. Like another poster, we had been using Rimadyl --- hmmm.

At any rate, she recovered, we recovered and all was well.

I've sent a huge pile of good wishes and happy thoughts winging your way. ALL of you are in our thoughts!

Get better soon, Widget!!!!
Rah-woo from Roxie the Doxie...

Oh Steve, not Widget! Poor little girl, I hope she's not in a lot of pain. Here's wishing her a speedy recovery, she's in good hands.

Oh no, not precious Widget! I am only thinking positive thoughts and praying that things will work out well. Hang in there, Widge.

Oh geez! WIDGET!! Don't you get sick, too!!!

I'm sorry guys. What a difficult string of events it's been. Three basset hounds in Denmark are wishing Widget the best, as are their doormen.

Take care!

Please try to keep up your spirits today. A vet's first instinct is almost always correct.
My hopes and prayers are that what Widget has is treatable and she can get back to wooing at home.
Keep us posted...we're here, supporting and waiting too.

OH my goodness! I do home Miss Widget is doing much better. I can certainly understand that you don't have any emotional reserves left. She will be getting lots of positive thoughts sent her way & I'm already looking foward to the good news about her.
Big hugs with emotional support,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

All of you are in my thoughts. Widget is in good hands.

Your in my thoughts. Nothing can happen to the main star of the ranch! She'll be home ASAP

Poor Widget! Keeping you ALL in my always!

The whole Widget Fan Club is pulling for her. I'm glad to see she was feeling well enough to make sure she had her blanket just right. Beagles expect a certain level of comfort after all.

Oh Widget baby. When I saw the words "Oh Widget" tears welled up. I'm seriously praying. Go Widget Go. Hang in there Mom and Dad, prayers are going up.

I will most certainly keep darling Widget in my thoughts and prayers, hoping with all my heart that the diagnosis of HGE is confirmed and that Miss Woo-Woo-Woo will be as good as new in no time at all!

Hey Widge, hang in there - Lalla had HGE a few years back and it is completely treatable. Thinking of you all.

Widget, Alayne and Steve,
Positive thoughts to you all.
She is in GREAT hands. Pats to Widget, I hope she is Woo Woo-ing soon.

Kae Norman

I'll be on pins and needles until I hear more news of Widget. THINK ONLY POSITIVE thoughts for Widget!!! I hold my breath everytime I hit on the BLOG link!

All of the animals at the Ranch are special of course but fingers crossed and hoping for the best for Widget the 'mascot' of RDR.

oh, widget - not now, little lady, not ever! i hope she is back to her antics, with a clean bill of health, very soon. good luck to you all...

Little precious girl, Widget. We are praying for you to be better soon.

Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers. You certainly have been through a lot these past few months. Hang in there and know that lots of us are out here wishing you well. Get better soon little Widget!

Oh gosh, poor Widget!!! I am sending her some good healing thoughts.

Widget MUST be ok. She just has to be. I will be so devastated if what she has isn't treatable! She is my favourite character and I want to meet her one day! Hang in there widget! We are thinking of you!

My first thought was "Oh no..not little Widget!"
The Rolling Dog family has been through so much she and every one else has to be okay. Everyone needs a time out for emotional healing. I will meditate for good health for her and the rest of the family.

Widget is NOT going to have anything that is not treatable. I won't allow it! I'll fly to Montana myself and give her and her GI tract a good talking to! In all seriousness we just had an emergency trip to the vet with our Shep and it scared the heeebie jeebies out of me. Turns out it was an episode of idiopathic vestibular disease, but Lordy does the heart stop. Widget will be fine. She's a tough pup and still has some work to do. She's obvious just jealous of Briggs' exotic diagnosis.

Sure will be praying for that little one! I have a cat here at home with upper respiratory virus (he's my baby too, so I understand!) Will be praying for both the little sweeties!

Hugs from Washington!

I've been keeping up with your posts for awhile. You are truly wonderful. I am sending big hugs and prayers for your Widget!

My first post, although I'm a visitor almost daily. My 11 yr old dog experienced HGE on New Years Day. It is very frightening to see! He spent 4 days in the hopital until he could take water orally. Then we took him home for the remainder of his recovery. We think the cause of the HGE was a new drug we had started using (Rimadyl). Surprisingly, since then, I know of 2 other cases of HGE ocurring in dogs that frequesnt our dog park here in Seattle. I wonder whether a virus can cause HGE? In any case, I wanted you to know that it is not always a bad outcome. Sending good thoughts to you and Widget.

You said what I was thinking: not Widget. Take care of that sweet dog. We will be anxiously awaiting your update.

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