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March 04, 2008


Its so great to see updated blogs of the girls -- my wife and I have one of their littermates her in MN - his name was Tipsy (now Bodey). I suspect he is somewhere between the two in his ability to get around. I would love to see how the wheels work for them -- we've been thinking about getting one for our guy

Noodle looks very elegant and regal in her tire throne.

That photo is completely ADORABLE!!!! I just found your blog and my heart and soul has been so touched by the work you all do. Gentle hugs for all of the devastating losses you've had to deal with recently. {{{{{{{}}}}}}

Noodle is such a beautiful girl. What a gorgeous face she has and such a bright expression for her photo shoot! Thanks to both of you for all your devotion and hard work!

Noodle and Soba are such pretty sisters. Noodle is posing in the tire like she is being shot for the cover of "doggie vogue".

I think Soba just wanted to see what Noodle was doing and since she was getting attention thought she'd show up for some too.
I can hardly wait to see them in their wheels, especially my boys, Charlie & Smokey. Did they gain any weight yet? Thanks for all you do at RDR and God Bless You.

Thanks for the wheelchair updates...I never thought a/b the snow problem. I live in Louisiana and in my 22 years I've only seen snow once and it didn't stick! Here, "chilly" weather is 60 degrees :) Can't wait to see how well these babies will take off with their new Spring wheels. Tell Alayne I am still thinking of her and lil' Oscar. Y'all are always in my thoughts and prayers. Have a wonderful day.

What precious cuties! Hope the snow melts quickly so the wobblers can put their wheels on and motor away!!

Such beauties! Thanks for the smiles. Looking forward with great anticipation to seeing them all really get cranked up on their wheels! yay.

You read my mind about the carts. I foresee Spring races down the driveway--a sulky race for dogs.

Oh how sweet! The love of your animals will get you through the loss of Oscar. What you do for animals is remarkable and so touching. Animals deserve to live a quality of life even if they have challenges... they are perfect examples of thriving even if they have challenges. And amazingly enough I don't think they ever think they have challenges... they accept and continue to live in the sweet moments of life. We should all pay attention to what animals truly teach us about life.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do for the animals.

I just love these darling sisters!
Can't wait for spring to see the foursome in their chairs!
Although I think Noodle wants a chair to prove there's something else she can most certainly do.
Keep on entertaining us Noodle; we need to see more!

that's a good spot!! i hope that water bucket was either missing or frozen solid - what a goofy girl! :)

Beautiful faces ont these two sisters!

Dearest Alayne and Steve,

Thank goodness for the joy of Noodle and Soba, and all the other animals at RDR who make us laugh through our tears.
You guys have such tremendous courage and compassion. You take on these "hopeless" cases no one else will, knowing in advance they probably will not live long lives and you'll have your hearts broken again. Yet they need you now and you always answer their call. You are truly saints. Hugs to both of you.

She was probably just tyred! Well somebody had to say it. lol

"Soba goes wobbling" is where I first heard of the Ranch, and where the change in direction of what I want to do, came from. Thank you Soba.

You two are such wonderfull people. I couldn't imagine how much those animals love you. Thank you so much for offering these animals such a wonderfull place to live their life. I have read this blog everyday for a year and everytime I read something about the animals I feel like I know them. You are really great people and really great examples. By the way Noodle is adorable!

Hip hip hooray for the girls from Iowa!!! My father is a Hall of Fame Iowa girls basketball coach recently honored at the Girls State basketball tournament in Des Moines this past week. We are hearty stock coming from Iowa and Noodle and Soba are proof that Iowa rocks!!! And RDR rocks above all-MANY THANKS!!!

Soba & Noodle are so cute! I'm glad you gave an update on the wheelchairs. We have a wheelchair from Doggon' Wheels for our little Yorkie mix, Minnie, (her front legs were amputated after an accident - we adopted her from a rescue after her accident). Anyway...Minnie does really well in her set of wheels, she's still learning how to make turns, but she can move like the dickens in a straight line. She only weighs about 5 lbs. Can't wait to see pictures of the sisters in their new wheels! Thanks for the happy post. Still have thoughts of little Oscar today.

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