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March 24, 2008


Yea for the Houndadors!!
I have a brother and sister pair
from a yellow lab bitch and a fawn colored blood hound dad.
Both Jack and Jill came out pure black.
Born Dec 1 08, they now stand at:
Jack 130 lbs. and jill 90 lbs.
Great family dogs, good bird dogs also. Keep up the great breed of Houndadors!

I think I have his brother!! We have a Labrahound too, and he looks like the splitting image of Trooper! right down to the ears! Ours is named Milo, or we call him Moe for short, "wonder why?" He was a recued animal.

Trooper, you look fantastic. I think you are a LABR(ADORABLE)HOUND. How's that for a breed name? Steve should like that one!!

I just think that Trooper is a Handsome Hound! Sure love the big floppy ears on that guy!

Wow, what a transformation he has made since first arriving at RDR. He has absolutely flourished since being in your loving care.

Ah, Trooper, you look like the good, ol' Southern boy that you are, and we all know how handsome that is. I'm sending you virtual hugs!

I like the sound of Houndador! Trooper looks great and i bet he feels even better. Thank you for taking care of this guy, and all the other animals out at the ranch!

Hooray for an update on Trooper! He looks great.

Without question, he's a Labrahound. I've got a Labraherder at home (lab/BC/Aussie).

Trooper is so lucky to have both of you and staff as his care takers. He looks wonderful and thanks for the terrific update. Those animals do develop a personality of their own, don't they. I recently gave my husband a 60th birthday gift of swimming with the dolphins at Discovery Cove near Orlando. Our dolphin was named Cindy and she was having quite a time with her love life. Her boyfriend's name is Lester. We gave her kisses.

Trooper really does look like a hound.
I'm glad you posted him so we could get a good look at this baying boy!
We're glad he's healed and full of joy.

Whatever kind of "hound-dog" he is, he is adorable! I"m so glad he is doing well and look forward to a video of him when your SPRING comes!

What an extraordinary makeover! I can hardly believe he's the same doggy, thinking back to the emaciated Trooper who arrived not too long long at the Ranch...

Thank you and God bless for all you do to help these sweet souls.

Wow, what a difference from when he first arrived at the Ranch! Well done Trooper. :)

Houndador, indeed !!!!!!!!!!! :0 :)

I think in your next life, Steve, you're going to be a comedienne extraordinaire !!!!!!!

I'd call Trooper a shiney boy! His coat is so glossy! I wish my hair were that healthy looking. I'm so glad he's made such a wonderful recovery from his surgery.
Big hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Oh...he's good lookin' alright!

I am so glad that Trooper is doing so well. He must be very happy in his home and that is fantastic!!

He's a handsome boy! Just a handsome boy! What else needs to be said.

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