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March 09, 2008


Welcome home, Briggs! Love your pictures. Wish you a good and speedy recovery. I know you can't see the mountains, but I bet you can smell them, after all you are a hound dog!

I think I've fallen in love with you, Mr Briggs..........


O'Riley ( Bibi's boy)

After such sadness in recent days...these pictures say it all doesn't it? Steve and Alayne..these pictures are results of your big, loving hearts, your wonderful sanctuary and your ultimate passion to do well for your four legged (sometimes three legged) family!

I'm so glad that the cause of Briggs problems have been found. It's unfortunate that he lost his sight because of it, but if he'd not come to the RDR, well, I just don't want to think about that! Thank you so much for getting him the absolute best care possible. I think in the bottom pic, Briggs is just being grateful to be at the RDR & be so loved.
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

I love the bottom picture of Briggs. That picture could be a poster for hope.Im glad he is doing so well.
It looks like Heaven in that photo.

Was Briggs contemplating his happy, healthy future or was he listening to all the magnified sounds? Maybe both. Good wishes, Briggs. You'll feel so much better soon.

Awwww - what a little doll. He knows what a good place he is in!!! I hope for the best for Briggs!

It's important to stay in the present with Briggs, rather than the past and what's important now is that he's been treated for all his conditions and seems ever so grateful. What a sweet boy!
Thanks for all the links and helpful information on Rocky Mountain Fever, Steve!
We're keeping all fingers and paws crossed that the prostheses will be successful.

So glad Briggs is doing well--hope Trooper is also doing well--would love to see a blog about him!

We're TOTALLY hrilled for Briggs' bright and loving future. Such a dear patient. You knowledge in things "vetrinary" are growing daily- we're so impressed!

Just loved both pictures of Briggs! Isn't that blue Montana sky gorgeous?

I, too, am keeping my fingers crossed and wishing sweet Briggs a speedy and uneventful recovery.

Big hugs for all the residents of RDR.

...that photo speaks volumes.

No Briggs is cooling off those rather blackened nether regions with ice I think! LOL

Fingers crossed all is ok with Briggs.

Kae Norman
Rescued With Love Inc.

Or maybe the reception for his dish was better outside and he was just tuning in his head piece?

What a sweet photo of little Briggs! Glad to hear his surgery went well. Hey Steve, can Briggs pick up HBO with that thing around his neck? :-)

Awesome! Always nice to hear good news.

Welcome home, Briggs! You will love it at the ranch.

Amen, his future is going to be much brighter. It warms my heart to know he has a chance now! I'm looking forward to updates!

this sounds like great news! i am so glad that you found the underlying problem and are able to take steps to fix it - and that the first steps (crossing fingers!) seem to have been successful.
Briggs is going to start feeling like a million bucks very soon, i hope, and he'll think he's just the luckiest boy in the whole wide world to be with you at RDR!
do you think his wobbliness will clear up once the Rocky Mountain spotted fever is out of his system? (I know the blindness, of course, is permanent, unfortunately...)

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