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March 23, 2008


Glad someone rescued this little beauty. Some people should never take a pet. If you won't or don't take care of a pet don't ruin a beautiful animal's life by neglecting it.

It appears that Emmy Lou has stolen more than Zephyr's bone she has stolen everyones heart too!
Four legged love does wonders!
congratulations to all!

What a great story. Brings a big smile to my face. Congrats Gloria! Emmy Lou is a very, very lucky girl to have both you and Zephyr as her new family. Emmy Lou looks just like my Catahoula girl, Baybe, who was born deaf and is the best dog I've ever had. If you click on my name, you'll see her picture. Thanks Rolling Dog Ranch for all you do for the animals. :)

Wow, had a difficult day but this story just warmed my heart and is leting me go to bed with a smile. Loved the photos also -- Emmy Lou is such a beautiful lady -- glad she found a forever home with her bud Zephyr and Gloria. You both do such an amazing job. If you ever get another pit with some problems, let me know. I just fell in love with Emmy Lou and I love pits.

I am so happy that Emmy Lou has a "seeing eye" person. I adopted my beautiful lab Jake about 3 years ago when he was about 2 (he has PRA) One day I will tell you all Jakes story. But, for now, Congrats to Emmy and her new family.

This story warms my heart-I love the pictures too!What a wonderful place you have. Thank you for helping all those sweeties.Good Luck to Zephyr and Emmy Lou!

Heartfelt congratulations to Gloria, Emmy Lou and Zephyr! I'm overjoyed for the three of them: what a great, happy little family!

I'm sure you're going to miss them, when they'll go back to Ohio at the end of May... But there'll be a brand new "Buckeye doggy" then!:-)

YAY! Fantastic news. Thank you RDR for all you do, and thanks Gloria and Zephyr, you are a beautiful family!

PS, I just noticed, in the second picture down, how Emmy Lou has one paw on her bone while stealing Zephyr's bone. What a sneaky girl!!!!She wants it all... I love it! Doesn't seem like she needs sight at all to get what she wants ;-)

I just heard the great news!!!! yay Emmy Lou! After shipping her to RDR, I had wondered whether she would ever find her own home. I'm so glad it is with an employee, because that guarantees the good life for her. What a long way she has come, and those photos are so heart warming and cute. She is so loved. Sigh. Wonderful. Love from North Carolina, Emmy!!!! You go girl!!!!


Come on Gloria! You gotta show whose the momma! Congratulation on your adoption! Emmy Lou is a lucky lucky girl!

What school is Gloria coming back to in Ohio? The Ohio group here will always be willing to doggie sit if necessary.

EmmyLou, Zephyr & Gloria- true BFF! Through the true magic of the RDR & rescuers in N. Carolina. May these wonders NEVER cease. Happiness to you all.

I just reread the story of Emmy Lou's (so called) life before arriving at Rolling Dog Ranch - and then her turnaround and happiness once she got there. Now a home of her very own, and rides in a truck. What a wonderful story. Come on, Gloria, let us see your smiling face -- you are a hero.

Aw commooooonnn Gloria - no family photo is complete without Mom! This article and pictures made me laugh out loud. Emmy Lou and Zephyr are such lucky pups. Many happy days to you Gloria and the gang - and I will be waiting for that shot of Mom. :<)

This is fabulous! Congratulations Gloria, Zephyr and Emmy Lou!
Emmy Lou is one of my top dogs; so beautiful and sweet!
We'll miss her when she moves to Ohio in May but we also know she's got a wonderful home filled with love, care and fun.

Best wishes for a match made in heaven, rolling-dog-ranch-heaven that is! And really, Gloria, for us blog-readers is it as much fun to see a happy human face as it is to see a happy dog face! Good luck in Ohio, too!

See the amazing "Woman with the Head of a Dog" at RDR!

What a happy, happy ending for sweet Emmy Lou who has made so much progress. And she gets a very patient brother as part of the package as well.

What a great love story! Zephyr and Emmy Lou look like such great pals that it would be a crime for them NOT to be together! Thank you Gloria for being such a great person to see what a wonderful match those two make! Wishing all of you happy trails.
Sending big hugs,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

What great news! I have always thought that Emmy Lou was adorable (and adoptable!) with her striking coat and winning (bone stealing!) ways, and I am so glad that she has found a loving family and that she will not be going far from the Rolling Dog Ranch. It must be the best of both worlds for you because she gets a good home and you don't have to officially say goodbye! :)

Emmy Lou is a GREAT dog--these pictures are fantastic! Sounds like one big happy family!

I needed a smile today, and can think of nothing better than a happy ending such as in Emmy Lou's story to provide it. Congratulations to the new family. :)

Gloria looks just like Emmy Lou! : ) Maybe this will push her into a photo op. : O

What a heart-warming ending for a dog whose beginnings in North Caroline were pathetic and sad! This sounds like a wonderful match for both Gloria and Emmy Lou!

How wonderful, that this shy beauty is going to go live with someone who knows and loves her.
Even better, that she found a lifetime "mate" along the way! These are the Happy Ending stories that help to lessen the pain of losing the other much loved ones. I wish Gloria & the kids much happiness ahead, and Congrats on becoming this precious girls new MOM! PS- Don't worry about your picture being taken, Gloria...ALL Angels are beautiful, as I'm sure you are!!

Congratulations, Emmy Lou, Zephyr and Gloria! Hope you have a loooong and happy life together!

Best wishes to Emmy Lou, Zephyr and Gloria. Have a happy home always!

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