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March 18, 2008


Dear Steve and Alayne, Who takes care of the caretakers??? You guys do such brutal physical labor, day after day, without respite. You need to hire an in-house masseuse. Please take care of yourselves too. You're indispensable.

Debbie Burke

I'm glad both old fellas (Crazy and Steve) are doing better! haha
I'll be praying for Penny's quick recovery and some pretty Spring weather at RDR.

Thanks for adding photos (as always) of Crazy Horse's injections; very interesting and more prep work involved than one would think.

I'm glad the good doctor's were able to help Crazy, Penny and YOU. I hope Penny recovers quickly.

I am glad everyone is on the mend. Just another day around the ol' ranchero.

Take good care of that's the only one you get! Seriously, I know how painful it can be and I hope you are feeling better soon!

Dear Steve, I'm really glad to hear that Crazy Horse and you are feeling much better!:-)

Please keep us posted on sweet Penny, will you?

Hope Penny recovers soon. Does Penny get pneumonia often? My Brandy is at high risk of getting pneumonia because of megaesophagus. I have 3 oxygen masks (small, medium and large) to use with nebulizer when she recovers from pneumonia. Obviously, I use only one (medium or large), I got 3 because I didn't know what size would fit. If you think you could make use out of them, I could send you the remaining two to you.


Penny is such a sweetheart so I hope she is feeling better soon. Ohhh, back problems are no fun. Please try to take care of yourself even with ALL the work at the ranch and sanctuary. See what happens when you are approaching the big "50!!!"

Well done with the equine members of the family, Steve, and - - whew! - - what a relief to know that you stopped in for a tune-up, too! Keep feeling well, all of you.

Steve, so glad to hear you and Crazy Horse are in much better shape today!

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