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March 02, 2008


I love that picture of Daisy with mr. orangutan! Could she look any more pleased with herself?

Thanks for the laugh. You, and the dogs, made my day.

These pix are wonderful. Hurrah for multi-purpose Mr. O!

thanks for all the's true "a picture [of your animals] is worth a thousand words."

Your work is exceptional.
Thanks so much. You're on my list of places to send a donation.
W/ 7 cats, its hard for me to imagine so many. ON the other hand, I'm rather jealous of all that love you get every days...and get to give.

thanks again.

Mr. Orangutan looks quite comfy after such a long and trying day... Speaking of the wobbles- have the wheelchairs come in yet? If so, how are they working out for everybody?
I hope you, Alayne, and all the animals have a wonderful week at RDR!

Daisy's last picture is icing on the orange cake! What a roar!!
Thank you for lighting up my day with this post.

My Sheltie Goldie is also afraid of stuffed toys...especially the squeeky ones. I always found this strange as she likes to chew rolled up socks. At least I know I am not the only owner with a dog afraid of toys. I am glad that someone finally appreciated Mr Orangutan. :)

I love the photo of Daisy using the 'scary toy' as a pillow! She's too cute.

I apesolutely adore those pictures of the dogs monkeying around, it would appear as if Daisy has herself a new prime mate as well.

Steve--you are hilarious! You are right—we blog readers need something light and fluffy—like Mr. Orangutan!

Poor Shiloh, he looks so miserable! :) Nice to see Mr. Caterpillar has survived another month at the ranch.

Now that was funny! Thanks you guys!..LOL

Poor Mr. Orangetang. He sure got a work-out, but how cute, the different ways the dogs treated him. Dogs, cats too, all have their own personalities. Nice to have some fun stuff for a change. You probably think so too.

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