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February 21, 2008


Thank you for sharing Pepper's story. My prayers are with you and Alayne everyday, especially on hard ones. Time with your animal babies never seems long enough...but y'all made it wonderful. Sweet Pepper is now 'looking' down on RDR.

I just now read the blogs of the last week and I am completely heartbroken. Reading all the other beautiful, touching comments makes me realize that I can't possibly say anything more profound than the expressions of sympathy that they have extended, but, all of us know that you both ALWAYS, make the Best/Right medical decisions, though sometimes with a very heavy heart, and that all of us who love and respect you immensely, grieve in heart and soul with you when you lose one of your precious, beloved animal friends. Sending you love and many hugs now. God bless her, darling girl. I am truly sorry.

Somehow it was very comforting to read this because I lost my dog, Pantaloni, in mid-November. It has been hands down the most painful thing I've ever experienced...your story has made me realize that no matter how it happens, losing these angels is always devastating. I guess we just need to be grateful for the small gifts in the process and the opportunities that arise as we mourn and heal. Because of Pantaloni's passing, I now donate to your ranch quarterly. These animals continue to bless us even after they're gone. My thoughts are with you.

Steve and Alayne,

I was very sorry to read about Pepper. It was one year ago today we lost Spirit and I have been so busy I had not been able to read the blog so I went on tonight to catch up and was very upset to read what you had been going through. I know no words will help but know we are thinking of you and you are in our hearts. Blessings to you all. Glenn and Nicci

I am so sorry! You have been having such a rough time lately. Pepper is in a better place now. Hugs to you guys. I know it isn't easy.

You really make such a difference to these animals lives. The world is a better place with you guys in it! take care

It breaks my heart to read of yet another loss. Sweet Pepper will be sadly missed.

Steve, thank you for sharing all of your ups and downs with us. I have never been to RDR, but through your wonderful writing, I feel as if I am a daily visitor.

God bless you and Alayne, and all the animals in your care.

Steve and Alayne,
I'm terribly sorry about Pepper's passing! It was selfless of you to let her go; it sounds like it was the right time and situation and your decision for HER was what was the best. It doesn't make it easier by any means. My sunken heart and tears are with you during this difficult time.

I am so sorry for yet another loss.......I pray God's comfort for all of you there at the Ranch while you share your love with all the sweet creatures He has put in your care.

What a beautiful pup, so sorry to hear this. Heart-breaking news. I'm sure everything possible was done to save her.

The work you do is wrenching. You have the courage of your convictions.

I am so sorry to hear that Pepper has died. I know that she knew that you were there beside her at the end. God Bless you and Alayne for what you are doing for these precious animals.


I am sorry for your loss. I am planning a trip to visit you this summer and she was one of my favorites!! I really wanted to meet her. I am getting ready for a fund raiser tomorrow for the rescue group I work with and have had tears in my eyes the whole time. Thanks for everything the two of you do.

A little something I read today...

From a 6 year old...

"People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right?"

"Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don't have to stay as long."

There are three days in your dogs life you never forget...the day you get your special dog...the day you know they are old/sick, and the day you have to say goodbye. It's so painful to let go. You've dealt with so much death lately and you get up everyday and still give 150%+ to RDR--please take care of yourselves. You did right by Pepper but at times like this those words are cold comfort. I have absolutely no doubt Pepper knew you were there with her Steve and that is beautiful. I know you’ll look back and have peace about Pepper’s passing but will miss your sweet, sweet girl. Steve and Alayne—I cry with you.

You & Alayne have my sympathy in the loss of Pepper. You did the right thing by allowing her to go to her next journey. I appreciate you staying with her, Steve, because I feel that's very important. Thank you both for all the love you give & give. I wish you both comfort during this sad & difficult time.
Sending special hugs,

Another daily blog reader who has never posted before... Even though losing Pepper is difficult I always come back to the fact that Steve and Alayne gave her the life she deserved, she was cared for and loved. Without them Pepper would have never enjoyed her life at the Ranch. Steve and Alayne are hero's to me.

Steve & Alayne, God bless you both. I was so, so sorry to hear about Pepper. She surely was a fighter. You definitely made the right decision and she knew you were with her at the end.
My Grandma was a firm believer in bad things running in three. You have had three now, Uncle Dillon, Luke & Pepper. Now some good things should happen. Of course, when any animal arrives at RDR it is a good thing. God knows what he's doing whether we understand it or not. Blessings to all at RDR, animals and humans. You give unconditional love and really that's all any one can do.

I am soooo sorry to hear about Pepper. You did the right thing in letting her go peacefully and I am sure that she knew your presence, Steve. You showed her love and kindess, something she didn't experience with her other "humans" (and I use that term loosely!) My sympathies to both of you.

Seems like its been a few rough weeks for you at the Ranch.
My heart goes out to you and I will keep Pepper in my thoughts.
Deepest condolences

I'm so sorry for your lost. It's always heartbreaking losing a beloved dog. I am, however, glad to know that Pepper is no longer suffering and that she's in doggy heaven now....running happily through the grass in the sunshine with all her friends from RDR who have crossed over to this wonderful place.
Take care Steve & Alayne.

Your web page says that Pepper was 5 when she arrived at Rolling Dog Ranch. It doesn't say when that was, or how long you had her. However long it was, Pepper knows those were the "good" years of her life, when she was happy, cared for, and loved. You gave her that. Her writeup says Pepper was a bit surprised to be hugged, but she loved it and knew she was safe at the Ranch. Rest in peace, Pepper. And peace to you too, Steve and Alayne.

Sweet Pepper was so blessed to be loved by you Steve and Alayne. You are my heroes. My heart breaks for the loss of another of the beautiful soul you have rescued and loved.

Bless her sweet soul. My heart aches for both of you. It's never, ever easy to take that last, final action of love. But now Pepper is keeping watch over RDR from the Rainbow Bridge.

I'm so sorry, Steve and Alayne...
I am glad that sweet Pepper had the time she had with you...........I hope that the love and care you gave her gives you peace

There is more wisdom and grace in loving a dog than there is in understanding the universe...

The love and love of life that Pepper had at RDR were the best. My tears and heartbreak are with you. I'm holding on to images of Pepper exploring the dog compound - with her 'sometimes-up, sometimes-down ears'. I think her ears are up.

bless you all

Steve and Alayne,

I am so sorry to hear about dear Pepper. I was dreading looking at the blog this morning, as in my heart I felt that the news would not be good.

You made the right choice for her. She has had a wonderful life with you and was loved until her last breath.

Stay strong.


Steve and Alayne, my heart breaks for you. I hope you'll remember the happy times to you had with Pepper in this sad time. And know that you made the right decision for this special girl. Because of you two, she could go in peace, knowing that she was loved and adored. Goodbye, sweet Pepper.

I am so sorry to hear about Pepper. You and your big family have endured a lot of losses recently and each one must be so hard.
You are in our thoughts.

Steve and Alayne:
My heart goes out to you both on the loss of Pepper. I am sitting here in tears...for you guys and for Pepper. It has been such a rough time for you both the past few months. God has certainly blessed you both with courage and determination. We will always remember Pepper in our hearts..and you have all your memories of the good times. Let those guide you now. I had to put my precious poodle of 12 years to sleep..and its sooooo hard!! May God bless you both.

Thank you for being there with Pepper. You'll get kisses and tail wags from her again one day.

Thank you for sharing this intensely difficult and personal time with all of us. Pepper's life really mattered. She was loved and died with dignity. What more can we ask for?
She is already watching over you AND the next four-legged soul out there who is in need of help and who will make their way to RDR.

It's just not fair that doing the right thing should feel so bad. For whatever it's worth, I think Pepper is on the other side romping with friends. Blessings.

Steve and Alayne:
I was so sorry to read about Pepper, you did the right thing, she did not need to suffer any longer. As an animal lover and owner, I had to make this choice my self, and it never gets easier. Kisses to all of your critters. God Bless you and all your creatures, great and small.


I am a faithful daily reader, but have never before posted...but today just broke my heart.

I've always had a soft spot for Pepper, so have been pulling hard for her.

You guys have gone through so much loss in the past few weeks, and I am so immensely sorry.

You all are in my thoughts.

Steve - I'm sure she knew you were there, and I'm glad you let her go. The surgery, the recovery, the treatment... would have been hard on her, I think. Bless her as she crosses the bridge. And bless you for having to make such tough decisions with the love and compassion that you always have. As I said when Dillon died, Pepper is not gone, just gone on ahead.

When we there wasn't an afternoon follow-up report, I sensed the news wasn't good. Bless you Miss Pepper, and all you went through.

Steve/Alayne, my heart hurts so much for both of you (and your staff). You all have been through so much lately. Hang in there.

Hugs coming to ya from Texas!

Steve and Alayne, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of sweet Pepper. You made the right decision; she had already let go of the human world and is running and rolling in Doggie Heaven. Thank you for being so compassionate and giving her such a wonderfully loving home.

Oh my goodness, our hearts are breaking with you. The only comfort can be the loving care and support Pepper received from you all even until her last moment on earth. She knew you were there. Your decision, tough as it is, was indeed thorough, thoughtful, and in Pepper's best interest. SO sorry for your loss of dear Pepper.

So sorry to hear about Pepper! I have an EXTRA soft spot in my heart for Shepherds!The past week I have been trying to catch a kitten that has been living in a ditch. Yesterday about about 4pm I caught him. I shall name him Pepper.

My heart goes out to all of you at RDAS. This has been such a difficult last few months. You are all in my thoughts.

I am so sorry for the loss of Pepper, as I am writing this I am crying almost uncontrollable. I admire your strength and know that Pepper knew how much she was LOVED! The loss you both have had over the past months is truly devastasting, but please know that what you do for these amazing make their life's sweeter. I appreciate that you see that these animals can have quality of life although they may have physical ailments. My thoughts are with you both.

We cry with you.
Yes, Pepper knew you were there with her. Bless her sweet soul. And, bless you both for all you do. I have never been so honored to monetarily and lovingly support an organization! You feel more like family. I hope that all of our cyber-hugs give you two the ability to carry on, knowing you've done the very best and truly make a difference in this sometimes indifferent world.

Thank you Mark, Alayne, the volunteers and all of the supporters for giving Pepper a wonderful & full life.
Peace Pepper.

Dear Steve and Alayne,
I am so very, very sorry for your loss. You both have been through so much in the past months. Please know that you, Peper, and all of your furkids are in my thoughts and prayers.

I am so grateful that Peper had you both to love him up like I know you did. And I am grateful too, that he is not suffering any longer.

Again, I am so very, very sorry.

Steve & Alayne...again, my thoughts are with you both. You have really been hit hard lately with loss. Bless little Pepper's heart - she was a fighter. I'm so sorry you are going through this again. Please know healing thoughts are being sent your way. RIP Pepper.

There is nothing that anyone can say that makes the heartache easier. Alayne and you are in our prayers, along with Pepper's buddies.
Chuck,Jennie, Stephanie Wiseman and Crew

Oh, no!!!You tried so hard to save her . Bless you for all you did. You and Alayne are truly remarkable!!!! Don't know where you get the strength to go on in times likes these,but you do. Thank you for your compassion and sense of dignity for ALL the four footed creatures in your care at the ranch. It is truly amazing. YOU ARE SO SPECIAL !!!!

Steve and Alayne, I'm so sorry for your loss. She was such a sweet dog from all of your stories and I'm sure she appreciated all you did for her. I'm so sorry you've also had such a string of sorrow recently. You are all in my thoughts.

Steve and Alayne, I am so sorry to read about your dear Pepper. I simply cannot imagine the strength that you two have in order to go through all the heartbreak you have taking care of all the Ranch animals. You are greatly admired.
Rest in peace, sweet girl.

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