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February 21, 2008


Steve, thanks for doing all you can for Pepper. Glad to hear the specialist has hope and is trying to do all he can for the precious furry pooch.
Keep fighting, Pepper!
I appreciate the updates.

Hang in there Pepper - me and my own four legged kids are pulling for you!

Hang in there Pepper - me and my own four legged kids are pulling for you!

This breaks my heart and I'm almost afraid to log on to the blog. Pepper is in excellent hands and thats all you can do for now. Thank God for HOPE! I hope and pray for Pepper to have a full recover!

You both do so much for the lucky animals who make their way to the ranch. However this turns out for Pepper or any of the fuzzy crew remember you have made their time with you the best of their lives. Their sense of joy and ability to get the most out of their situations is precisely because of the enormous efforts you both put in day in and day out. When you have to say goodbye to any of the gang it's hard but always remember what a positive impact you had.

I'm sending up prayers really fast for Pepper. It sounds like she has the best doc at the hospital. Take care!

Sweet girl, Pepper. My eyes are tearing up and I'm praying for you. I hope you don't have to leave us... I hope the doctors can fix the problem... but no matter what, know that you are loved.

Thank you, Steve, for doing everything possible for this precious soul. You're not going through this alone.

Oh, Steve, I am pulling for Pepper with all my heart...and for you to get some rest :(

I'm keeping you and Pepper in my thoughts and prayers. I hope she is going to be Ok.


Poor Girl. Well at least she has you Steve!!! I'ts up to God now.

Well, I know it's not much hope but any is nice. Still praying.

My thoughts are with Pepper, the staff at WSU and of course, with you and Alayne. I'm hoping for the best for Pepper!!

Thanks so much for keeping us all updated on Pepper despite your own overwhelming worries. You are all in my thoughts.

Sweet Pepper, my thoughts and prayers are headed your way, and I send them to all at RDR and to your medicos, too.

I will keep Pepper in my prayers, and you as well.

Good thoughts and heartfelt prayers are being sent your way. You are not alone, we are all there with you both in spirit.

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